Voice & Matter

Communication, Development and the Cultural Return

“Voice and Matter is an outstanding collection that will reinstate the centrality and urgency of Communication for Development as an area of research and a field of practice. Hemer and Tufte’s vast expertise in the field of ComDev shines through in the volume’s multi­disciplinary approach, methodological and ­theoretical ­advances, and inclusion of contributions from diverse world regions (i.e. Latin American schools of participatory communication and recent African Ubuntu-centric epistemologies, among others). Drawing from the lived experiences of collectives and individuals who use media and communication to work toward emancipation and social justice, the chapters in this volume make important contributions to how we think about voice, power, technology, culture, and social change. Taking on the ­challenge of interrogating the development industries and their inability to detach from market forces and confront power inequities, this volume repositions the agency of subjects who use their own voices and their own media on their own terms – taking matters into their own hands.”

Clemencia Rodríguez, Professor in Media Studies and Production, Temple University, Philadelphia, USA


Editors’ Preface and Acknowledgements 
Introduction. Why Voice and Matter Matter 
I. Reframing Communication in Culture and Development 
Communication and Cultural Identity. An Anthropological Perspective 
The Language and Voice of the Oppressed 
Stealing the Fire. Communication for Development from the Margins of Cyberspace 
The Political Economy of the Development Industry 
International Volunteering in Development Assistance. Partnership, Public Diplomacy, or Communication for Development? 
Mediating Stuart Hall 
II. Ethnography and Agency at the Margins 
When and How Does Voice Matter? And How Do We Know? 
Building Voice and Capacity to Aspire of the Urban Poor. A View from Below  
Save us from Saviours. Disrupting Development Narratives of the Rescue and Uplift of the ‘Third World Woman’ 
Africa’s Voices Versus Big Data? The Value of Citizen Engagement through Interactive Radio 
A History of Cultural Futures. ‘Televisual Sovereignty’ in Contemporary Australian Indigenous Media 
Gringo Trails, Gringo Tales. Storytelling, Destination Perspectives, and Tourism Globalization 
III. The Return of the Politics of Hope 
Debating the Politics of Hope. An Introduction 
On The Capacity to Aspire. Conversation with Arjun Appadurai 
Aspiration as Universal Human Capacity. A Response to Arjun Appadurai 
Is Good Intention Enough to Be Heard? On Appadurai’s ‘Capacity to Aspire’ 
Hope, Fairness and the Search for the Good Life. A Slightly Oblique Comment to Arjun Appadurai 
Contributing Authors 
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