Nordicom Review 38 (Special Issue 1) 2017. Being Old in the Age of Mediatization

8 jun 2017
150,00 kr
This special issue of Nordicom Review examines media dynamics in the lives of older people and how these dynamics influence the perceptions of old age, ageing and older people. From a number of different perspectives, the articles in the issue present studies of the specific consequences media have on the later part of the life cycle and how old age and ageing is affected and shaped by processes of mediatization. Mediatization research has thus far focused on various aspects of work life and public life, such as politics, religion, and conflict, while other studies have looked at parenthood, how children play, health,and sport. This issue concentrates on the question of how media influence our older generations and thus discusses how a mediatized society may contribute to confirming or altering conceptions of what it means to be old. In a predominantly Western context, older generations respond to a mediatized culture through various processes – including appropriation, adoption and resistance – and the articles in this issue illustrate how these processes take place.