Media Literacy Education

Nordic Perspectives

Digital culture offers different relationships with media to the ones that have existed earlier. Globally, enhancing media literacy is related to aspects of Human Rights, especially to the Rights of the Child. During recent years, there have been important policy efforts for developing media literacy education around the world.

This publication belongs to an effort bringing the Nordic studies on media literacy education in a global sight. Current definitions of media literacy and evaluations of educational case studies are presented in the form of thirteen articles written by Nordic academic experts. The articles present, for example, discussions on media literacies in a historical and cultural context and the construction of media literacy as a civic competence. Moreover, texts on educational case studies discuss instructional issues but deal with classroom research and curricular issues as well.

This book in published in cooperation with the Finnish Society on Media Education


Introduction. Insights to Nordic Research on Media Literacies 
Part I. Children, Young People and Media Literacies 
Media Literacy and Education. The Past, Present and Future 
Children and Young People in a Changing Media Environment: Some Challenges 
Conceptual Considerations in Media Education  
Media Literacy as a Focal Practice 
Constructing Media Literacy as a Civic Competence 
Part II. Media Literacy Education – Developments in the Nordic Countries 
Civic Media Education Supports a Public Voice for Youths 
Mapping Filmmaking across Contexts. Portraits of Four Young Filmmakers in Scandinavia 
Media Education – Between Theory and Practice 
Creativity in Media Education. Merging Different Mindsets 
Media Literacy in the Estonian National Curriculum 
Teachers Using an Expanded Text Concept and Media Pedagogy for Children with Dyslexia 
Finnish Media Education and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. What Did We Learn on the Crossing Borders Project? 
Global Mediagraphy. A Teaching Method in Media Education 
Final Words 
Future Sights: International Media Literacy Education. A Nordic Viewpoint 
The Authors 
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