About the Clearinghouse

The aim of the International Clearinghouse on Children, Youth and Media is to increase awareness and knowledge about children, youth and media. Providing information and knowledge about new research findings and positive examples will hopefully offer a solid basis for relevant policy-making, contributions to a constructive public debate, and an enhancement of children’s and young people’s media literacy and media competence. Moreover, it is hoped that the work of the Clearinghouse will stimulate further research on children, youth and media. Various groups of users are targeted – researchers, policy-makers, media professionals, voluntary organizations, teachers, students and interested individuals.

The overall point of departure for the Clearinghouse’s efforts with respect to children, youth and media is the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, not least Articles No. 13 and 17:



The Clearinghouse strives to be user-oriented, meaning that the information provided should be in demand by and adapted to users. To facilitate the exchange of information, a global network has been established. Read more



In 1997 The Nordic Information Centre for Media and Communication Research (Nordicom), at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, began the establishment of the International Clearinghouse on Children, Youth and Media (formerly the UNESCO International Clearinghouse on Children and Violence on the Screen). Its activities are supported by the Swedish government and by UNESCO.

During the 1990s, several discussions in the world emphasized the importance of establishing an international centre for knowledge on children and media, with special attention to media violence. This question was given particular attention in 1995 in Lund, Sweden, during an international conference on media violence and the rights of the child, arranged by the Swedish Commission for UNESCO and the Swedish Committee for UNICEF. The Swedish government and UNESCO showed particular interest in carrying the question further. Nordicom was asked to take responsibility for establishing this clearinghouse.

Since 1997, yearbooks and a number of other anthologies and reports have been published, shedding light on different issues concerning children, youth and media. The Clearinghouse has also been involved in many cooperations, and is an active collaborator at conferences, meetings and other events.

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