NYHETSBREV | 10 mar 2017

New issue 1/2017

The March issue of Nordicom's newsletter European Media Policy has been published. The newsletter provides an update on policy developments at the European level, concentrating on news from the European Union.

Some of the contents in no. 1/2017:

  • Publishers are dismayed by a EU Parliament report on copyright. Proposed new e-privacy rules also worries them.
  • There is much concern about all the insults and threats against journalists but also about the media’s role in spreading hate speech against other groups.
  • The French far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen seems to have learnt many lessons on media strategy from Donald Trump. Élysée Palace next?
  • Created as a “European response” to CNN the TV Channel Euronews can hardly be called European any more.
  • Will the beginning erosion of U.S. net neutrality rules spread to Europe?
  • Will Artificial Intelligence (AI) be the next big policy issue?


Download: European Media Policy 1/2017 (PDF)

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