Nordicom presenterar aktuella konferenser. Såväl internationella som nordiska och nationella konferenser ingår. Den nordiska konferensen, NordMedia, har en egen sida.

Kontakta gärna Karin Poulsen med information om aktuella konferenser inom medie- och kommunikationsområdet.

24 apr to 24 apr 2017

Trollhättan, Sverige

Digitalt gränslöst

Många mindre företag och organisationer, på båda sidor om gränsen, måste anta nya digitala utmaningar för att inte riskera att slås ut.
I detta seminarium deltar forskare, politiker och företag, bland andra Thomas Winman, Högskolan Väst; Kristina Lindh, Høgskolen i Østfold, Kristina Jonäng, Regionstyrelsen Västra Götalandsregionen och Tore Berntsen, MarkedsPartner AS, Sarpsborg.

For more information:

Norsk-Svenska Handelskammaren och Högskolan Väst


24 apr to 27 apr 2017

Athens, Greece

3rd Annual International Conference on Communication and Management

The aim of this cross-disciplinary conference is to bring together academics, students, researchers and professionals from different disciplines and cultural backgrounds, so as to encourage them present their work, communicate, exchange and collaborate. Academics and professionals can participate by presenting a paper, chairing a session, organising a panel, or even just by being an observer.

For more information:

Communication Institute of Greece


25 apr to 30 apr 2017

Nottingham, UK

Digital Media and the Spatial Transformation of Public Contention

The proposed workshop explores and theorizes how the rise of online platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Tumblr, is affecting the spatial configuration of public contention. The goal is to create a cross-disciplinary network of scholars to develop a new dynamic conception of publicness.
The ECPR is a membership association for academic institutions concerned with the teaching and research of political science and international relations.

For more information:

The European Consortium for Political Research / ECPR


25 apr to 25 apr 2017

Göteborg, Sverige

SOM-seminariet 2017

Under årets SOM-seminarium presenterar tio forskare från SOM-institutets nätverk stora delar av den trettioförsta nationella SOM-undersökningen, genomförd under hösten/vintern 2016.
Det blir som vanligt en intensiv heldag där seminariedeltagarna får följa den svenska opinionsutvecklingen inom flera områden. I år med fokus på bland annat samhällsoro, äldreomsorg, konsumtionsvanor, sociala- och traditionella medier, partipolitik och självklart Donald Trump.

Medverkande forskare: Ulrika Andersson, Annika Bergström, Thomas Denk, Henrik Ekengren Oscarsson, Filip Fors, Sören Holmberg, Ulrika Holmberg, Johan Martinsson, Maria Oskarsson och Maria Solevid.


For more information:

SOM-institutet, Göteborgs universitet


26 apr to 28 apr 2017

Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Children and Youth on the Net” - European Expert Conference on Youth and Digital Media

Children and adolescents are surrounded by digital media, which have become highly interconnected.
Participants at this conference will learn about country-specific approaches and EU wide funding opportunities.
The Seminar / Conference is for 100 participants from Russian Federation, Eastern Partnership countries , Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme countries and recommended for Youth workers, Youth leaders, Youth Policy Makers.

26 apr to 27 apr 2017

Karlstad, Sverige

Mötesplats Open Access

Mötesplats Open Access (MOA) äger rum för 10:e gången 2017. Två halvdagar med samtal och information kring aktuella frågor om open access. Konferensen arrangeras i samverkan mellan Kungliga biblioteket och Karlstads universitetsbibliotek.

For more information:

Kungliga Biblioteket


26 apr to 28 apr 2017

Kalmar, Sweden

The 12th Global Brand Conference

The theme of this 12th Brand global conference is Sensory Branding. Keynote Speaker: Practioners from the well-know Swedish brands IKEA, Abba Museum and Design Online.

For more information:

Linnaeus University, School of Business and Economics


26 apr to 28 apr 2017

Chicago, IL, USA

The 16th Wireless Telecommunications Symposium

The Wireless Telecommunications Symposium brings together industry professionals and academics from companies, governmental agencies, and universities around the world.
The theme for WTS 2017 will be Global Wireless Communications: Present and Future.

For more information:


27 apr to 29 apr 2017

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ubiquitous Cinema - Education, Mobility, and Storytelling in the Digital Age

The aim of this is to discuss three entangled phenomena to probe into the ubiquity of screen cultures in the digital age: education, mobility, and storytelling.
The conference is part of the project ChinaCreative, funded by a consolidator grant of the European Research Council.

For more information:

Beijing Film Academy, China Film Education Research Centre, in cooperation with the Amsterdam Centre for Globalisation Studies (ACGS), University of Amsterdam


27 apr to 28 apr 2017

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Agents of Power in The Transformation of Media Systems

The aim of this conference is to focus on the key local, national and transnational actors who influenced the changes in media systems during the past 25 years.

For more information:

Inter University Centre, Dubrovnik / IUC


30 apr to 30 apr 2017

Dublin, Ireland

European Data and Computational Journalism

This conference aims to bring together industry, practitioners and academics from the fields of journalism and news production, information, data, social and computer sciences, facilitating a multidisciplinary discussion on these topics in order to advance research and practice in the broad area of Data and Computational Journalism

For more information:


1 maj to 4 maj 2017

Jakarta, Indonesia

World Press Freedom Day 2017

At a time described by some as critical for journalism, World Press Freedom Day 2017 will focus on why it is vital to strengthen free and quality journalism to enable the media to effectively contribute to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 16. Specifically, the interrelationships between freedom of expression, justice for all and the rule of law, peace, and inclusiveness will be explored.

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3 maj to 4 maj 2017

Jakarta, Indonesia

World Press Freedom Day Academic Conference: Safety of Journalists

This conference is a special academic session held alongside UNESCO’s observance of World Press Freedom Day 2017 in Jakarta.

For more information:


4 maj to 5 maj 2017

Osijek, Croatia

Media and Media Culture - European Realities

Theme of this meeting relates to the modern media and media culture (media policies, media ethics, media literacy, new media, media markets, European media space, etc.)
Organized by: Department of Cultural Studies, University of Osijek, Academy of Arts Osijek, Institut of Social Sciences Ivo Pilar, Stuttgart Media University, Faculty of Mass Media Communication, University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius Trnava.

For more information:

Department of Cultural Studies, Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek


5 maj to 5 maj 2017

Liverpool, UK

Reporting Poverty

Papers are invited for a one-day conference on the theme of reporting poverty in the media. Paper proposals on press, radio, television, film, and new media of all nationalities, shedding new light on the reporting of poverty are welcome.

For more information:

Journalism Department, Liverpool John Moores University


6 maj to 6 maj 2017

London, UK

The Digital Everyday: Exploration or Alienation?

This international conference aims at exploring the digital everyday, understood as the transformation of everyday life practices brought about by digital technology.

For more information:

Kings College London


6 maj to 6 maj 2017

Coventry, UK

Broadcasting War

This workshop will bring together scholars interested in how war has been broadcast to the public in the 20th and 21st centuries.

For more information:

University of Warwick


8 maj to 9 maj 2017

Athens, Greece

ATINER 15th Annual International Conference on Communication and Mass Media

The Athens Institute for Education and Research (ATINER), a world association of academics and researchers based in Athens, organizes its 15th Annual International Conference on Communication and Mass Media.

For more information:

The Athens Institute for Education and Research / ATINER


9 maj to 10 maj 2017

Louvain-la-Neuve , Belgium

The Role of States in the Digital Transition

A conference aiming at understanding the role States play in the digital transition of the print media in small markets in Europe and America.
The conference is organized by the Observatoire de Recherche sur les Médias et le journalisme (ORM - Research Committee on the Media and Journalism) of the UCL (Catholic University of Louvain).

9 maj to 12 maj 2017

Karlstad, Sweden

Geomedia 2017: Spaces of the In-Between

Geomedia 2017 provides an interdisciplinary arena for research carried out at the crossroads of Geography, Media and Film Studies. The aim of the conference is to map out the current terrain of communication geographical research, pinpointing its main areas of debate and assessing the prospects of communication geography as a more formalized academic field.

For more information:

Karlstad University