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23 feb to 23 feb 2018

Wolverhampton, United Kingdom

Loneliness in the age of Mobile & Social Media

This conference aims to fill this gap in scholarship by also examining  the causes and stories of loneliness among young people. As loneliness is something people are likely to experience at any age, this conference invites scholars to think about this widespread prevalent problem from innovative new perspectives. Keynotes: Dr. Shakuntala Banaji, London School of Economics, Dr. Jennifer Lau, King’s College London


23 feb to 23 feb 2018

Wolverhampton, United Kingdom

Loneliness in the age of Mobile & Social Media

This conference aims to fill this gap in scholarship by also examining the causes and stories of loneliness among young people. As loneliness is something people are likely to experience at any age, this conference invites scholars to think about this widespread prevalent problem from innovative new perspectives. The conference is devoted to an examination of the current situation across the world from a variety of perspectives, and aims to identify and bridge the gaps in academic research on loneliness, creating new research pathways. 

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23 feb to 25 feb 2018

Alberta, Canada

Shifting Currents in Communication and Media

The conference theme for the Rundle Summit is ‘Shifting Currents.’ This theme evokes the idea of ‘currents’ within a river or stream, and aligns metaphorically with the idea that research in communications, technology, and media is ever changing and dynamic.

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21 feb to 23 feb 2018

Madrid, Spain

From passive audience to active citizen

This is the The Observatory for the Study of News Media Innovation in the Digital Era (OI^2) Conference, the theme is “From Passive Audience to Active Citizen”. 

17 feb to 17 feb 2018

London, United Kingdom

Media and Culture

The conference will bring together scholars working on research projects on mass media, film studies, game industries, political science, education, etc.

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15 feb to 16 feb 2018

Oslo, Norway

Making Transparency Possible - Interdisciplinary dialogues Research Conference

The research project "Making Transparency Possible - Interdisciplinary dialogues" invites paper proposals from all relevant disciplines on cross border journalism on global illicit financial flows and tax havens.

12 feb to 12 feb 2018

Uppsala, Sweden

Intersectionality: Experiences of inclusion and exclusion

This seminar will focus on intersectionality and how the different forms of discrimination combine, overlap, or intersect. The seminar will contain three panels: Panel I: Intersectionality beyond feminist studies, Panel II: Intersectionality in political practice, Panel III: Intersectionality in media studies. 

12 feb to 16 feb 2018

Hanover, Germany

Computational Communication Science-confernce

Computational Methods for Communication Science: Towards A Strategic Roadmap. During various training courses and a workshop conference, this event aims to develop knowledge, skills, resources, and strategies in computational methods within the field of communication.

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Hanover University of Music, Drama, and Media


9 feb to 9 feb 2018

Sydney, Australia

Media Classification Systems in Conversation: A Symposium

This symposium brings together leading international figures from the academy, government, and industry to examine media classification systems. It will mark the culmination of an ARC Discovery Project focused on producing an international history of media classification systems that has worked with partner investigators in Australia, Brazil, China, India, Japan, the U.K., and the U.S.A. It is an opportunity for scholars, students, and state and industry representatives to convene and discuss the past, present, and future of media classification.

8 feb to 9 feb 2018

Ghent, Belgium

24 hours of Communication Sciences

Etmaal 2018 welcomes proposals on a wide scope of topics that aim to discuss and reflect on today’s interconnected, international and transcultural media environment, and this in terms of theoretical concepts, applied methodology and empirical findings.

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Ghent University


8 feb to 8 feb 2018

Accra, Ghana

The Relationship between Journalism and Foreign Aid

This one-day symposium will examine the contemporary and complex relationship between aid and journalism and the role of foreign aid/development assistance, along with the impact these processes have had on fostering independent national media sectors. The conversation will focus on issues and problems arising from the intersection between journalism, foreign aid, media development assistance, foreign investment in media, and how this has affected the development of a critical and independent media sector in Africa and Latin America. 

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7 feb to 10 feb 2018

Albuquerque, United States

Game Studies, Culture, Play, and Practice Area

39th Annual Southwest Popular / American Culture Association (SWPACA) Conference. The Game Studies, Culture, Play, and Practice Area invites papers,panels, and other proposals on games (digital and otherwise) and their study and development.

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Southwest Popular/American Culture Association


7 feb to 8 feb 2018

Stockholm, Sweden

The Mainstreaming of Extreme Right-wing Populism

Welcome to a public lecture at Stockholm University with Bonnier Guest Professor Bart Cammaerts, London School of Economics and Political Science, about "The Mainstreaming of Extreme Right-wing Populism". Time: 7 February, 15:00-17:00 Venue: JMK-salen, 4th floor, Department of Media Studies, Karlavägen 104, Stockholm. FREE ADMISSION.

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5 feb to 9 feb 2018

Brisbane, Australia

2018 DMRC Summer School

Digital Media Research Center are inviting participants from all over the world to  this year's summer school. The summer school will inspire and challenge participants to seek new approaches to sociocultural research, and to engage critically and creatively with the practices, platforms, technologies and economies of digital media communication.

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2 feb to 3 feb 2018

, Hong Kong

Philosophies of Communication: East and West

For this international colloquium we welcome papers that explore aspects of language philosophy with a focus on the relation between Eastern and Western paradigms. Contributions can be historical, philosophical, literary, linguistic, or related to media/communication, but all in one way or another connected to the question if and how the intercultural perspective can be useful or informative for the study of language and communication in the broad sense.

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1 feb to 1 feb 2018

Uppsala, Sverige

Photojournalism and editorial processes: Global similarities, local differences

Guest speakers Astrid Gynnild (Professor at Bergen University) and Anne Hege Simonsen (Associate Professor at University of Oslo and Akershus), along with IM faculty member Maria Nilsson (Senior Lecturer at Uppsala University) will hold a research seminar on visual journalism and their recent collaboration as guest editors for a Nordicom Review (issue 38, special issue 2). 

31 jan to 31 jan 2018

Stockholm , Sverige

Föredragskväll-Ny bildjournalistisk forskning

Vad är visuell kompetens och vilken roll spelar den i nyhetsredaktionernas arbete? Hur ser den bildjournalistiska yrkesrollen ut i olika länder och mediekulturer? Vilka strategier finns för att förnya och utveckla bildjournalistiken i en föränderlig och tuff mediebransch med krympande bildredaktioner? Det är några av de frågor som tas upp i ny forskning om bildjournalistik som presenteras av medieforskarna Astrid Gynnild (professor vid Bergens Universitet), Anne Hege Simonsen (associate professor vid Högskolan i Oslo och Akershus) och Maria Nilsson (lektor vid Uppsala Universitet).

29 jan to 2 feb 2018

Lisbon, Portugal

Digital Media Winter Institute 2018.

The Digital Media Winter Institute is dedicated to advancing the study of new media, social media methods, and data visualization by promoting the practice of interdisciplinary research through the data-sprint approach and other intensive hands-on work courses.

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29 jan to 29 jan 2018

Stockholm , Sweden

Nordisk kulturpolitisk dag om inkludering och integration

Vem får vara med? Nordisk kulturpolitisk dag om inkludering och integration 2018. Dagen sätter fokus på kulturens roll i ett inkluderande samhälle, och kultursektorns öppenhet gentemot människor med olika bakgrunder. Dagen ingår i Sveriges ordförandeskapsprogram för Nordiska ministerrådet 2018. Till dagen bjuder vi in beslutsfattare och kulturutövare från hela Norden. Sveriges kultur- och demokratiminister kommer att medverka under dagen.

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Kulturanalys Norden


26 jan to 26 jan 2018

Los Angeles , United States

Fake News and Weaponized Defamation: Global Perspectives

This conference has an international or comparative focus that engages historical, contemporary, or emerging issues relating to face news or "weaponized defamation." "Weaponized defamation" refers to the increasing invocation, and increasing use, of defamation and privacy torts by people in power to threaten press investigations, despite laws protecting responsible or non-reckless reporting.

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