Här hittar du avslutade konferenser. Arkivet går cirka ett år tillbaka i tiden.

27 mar to 31 mar 2018

Indianapolis, United States

Radio and audio media arena

The area invites papers and presentations on all aspects of radio and audio media, including but not limited to: radio history; radio programs and programming, radio literature studies; media representations of radio and audio media; rhetorical research; legal and regulatory policy; economics of radio and audio media; and radio and audio media technology. U.S., international, or comparative works are welcome.

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the Popular Culture Association / American Culture Association


26 mar to 27 mar 2018

Graz, Austria

Creative Bodies—Creative Minds

An international, interdisciplinary conference. Scholarly interest in creativity as a social and gendered phenomenon coincides with renewed interest in the body, embodiment and the material, championed by, among others, feminist new materialism, the sociology of emotions, cultural sociology, and sensory methodologies in qualitative research. The Creative Bodies—Creative Minds conference aims to bring these strands of inquiry together with a special emphasis on the interrogation of gender.

26 mar to 28 mar 2018

Helsinki , Finland

Helsinki Photomedia 2018

The fourth international photography research conference on Reconsidering the “Post-truth Condition”: Epistemologies of the photographic image. Welcoming submissions from all areas of photography research. Helsinki Photomedia 2018 offers various platforms, where artistic, philosophical, social, cultural, economical and technological approaches meet. Keynote: Professor Robert Hariman, Professor John Lucaites and Professor Barbie Zelizer. 

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26 mar to 28 mar 2018

Aberystwyth, United Kingdom

Researching Past Cinema Audiences: Archives, Memories and Methods

This conference offers a platform for both established and emerging scholars who share this desire to research past cinema audiences – prior to 2000 – through a wide range of investigative foci. Keynote: Professor Sue Harper, Portsmouth University, UK, Professor Daniel Biltereyst, Ghent University, Belgium


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22 mar to 22 mar 2018

Stockholm, Sweden

Uppstartskonferens för Krisberedskapsveckan 2018

Konferensen ska ge dig ny kunskap om riskkommunikation – hur jobbar andra länder i EU för att öka människors riskmedvetenhet? Vi tar också upp riskkommunikation ur ett historiskt perspektiv, från broschyren ”Om kriget kommer” till vårens utskick från MSB till alla hushåll.

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22 mar to 24 mar 2018

Newport News, United States

Global Status of Women and Girls

This interdisciplinary conference uses the tools of the arts, humanities, social sciences and other fields to address challenges faced by women and girls around the world, both historically and today. We invite scholars from all academic disciplines to submit proposals that explore these topics and shed light on women’s efforts to effect social change. Topics may include Women’s Activism in the Arts and Media, Cyber-Activism etc. 

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Christopher Newport University


22 mar to 24 mar 2018

Barcelona, Spain

Transmedia Literacy International Conference

This event brings together a vibrant and global community of media and education researchers and innovators. The conference is organized as a part of the dissemination activities of the TRANSLITERACY H2020 action, a project that involves researchers from Europe, Latin America and Australia. Beyond the paper sessions and the keynotes the *Transmedia Literacy International Conference *will include workshops and short presentations by education innovation leaders.

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21 mar to 21 mar 2018

Oslo, Norway

Medie- og kulturbruk: Et nytt kulturelt klasseskille?

Hvordan bruker vi medier og kultur? Hvem bruker informasjonsfriheten? Oppstår det nye sosiale og kulturelle skillelinjer knyttet til informasjonstilgang og muligheter for deltakelse i kulturlivet? Hva er betydningen for den enkeltes deltakelse og for utvikling av demokratiet? Konferansen retter seg mot aktører i medie- og kultursektoren, departement, forvaltning og forskere, men er forøvrig åpen og gratis for alle interesserte.

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21 mar to 22 mar 2018

Birmingham, United Kingdom

Reggae Innovation and Sound System Culture

This Reggae Innovationconference promises to be a landmark event in reggae culture research, highlighting the music’s subgenres, crossovers, mashups, intersections, and innovations, featuring international academic guests and musicians. The conference will discuss reggae innovation, in particular theoretical and practical expressions of how innovation plays out through music and popular culture.

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19 mar to 21 mar 2018

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


At the turn of the millennium the world’s broadcasting and communication research and industries are undergoing a massive metamorphosis as well as a profound, tumultuous, rapid and unparalleled change. Digital and interactive media is now irrevocably linked with computer science, telecommunications, the Internet and World Wide Web. Given the prominence of the electronic media in the 21^st  century, scholars, academics and media professionals need to know how to decipher and evaluate media and communication fields in the emerging and dynamic digital age.

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18 mar to 20 mar 2018

Vienna, Austria

Radiodays Europe 2018

This year Radiodays Europe will be held in the city of Vienna. More information to come. 

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17 mar to 17 mar 2018

London, United Kingdom

The Media Democracy Festival 2018

The Media Democracy Festival 2018: Faking it, Breaking it, Remaking it - what’s wrong with our media and how to fix it. The Media Democracy Festival will be a national gathering open to the public, bringing together media democracy campaigners, researchers and citizens to take part in talks and discussions on issues from media racism to alternative models of media funding, ownership and control, to the running and independence of the BBC. It aims to help build the movement for democratic and accountable media.

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16 mar to 17 mar 2018

Stockholm, Sweden

Nordic Data Journalism Conference 2018

We aim to gather approximately 300 data journalists, editors, visualizers, researchers and students for a weekend packed with the best practice, latest tools and most dedicated professionals in data journalism. NODA 2018 will start with an academic pre-conference day on March 15 and the same day there will be additional full-day competence courses for beginners as well as developers and editorial leaders.

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15 mar to 16 mar 2018

Lusaka, Zambia

2nd African International Telecommunications Society conference

Mobile communication connections in Africa have outpaced the expectations just in a period of 15 years. This development clearly documents the great importance of communications for all. The 2nd African Conference of the International Telecommunication Society (ITS) in Lusaka will focus on the interplay between technology developments and market and policy and regulatory developments in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) field in African countries. 

15 mar to 17 mar 2018

Stockholm, Sweden

The Nordic Data Journalism Conference

he conference, founded by Södertörn University in 2013 together with seven Swedish media companies, combines professional, practical, and scientific aspects to bring together media professionals and media researchers working with data journalism and/or digital journalism.

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15 mar to 15 mar 2018

Lund, Sweden

Media Freedom International Symposium

We invite contributions to this symposium on media freedom that address the theme from political, social-cultural and personal perspectives. The symposium seeks to debate both the political economic and policy contexts to media freedom and the aspects of freedom related to creative labour, representation and cultural practices.

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Department of Communication and Media, Lund University


14 mar to 16 mar 2018

Akureyri, Iceland

SPM 2018: Global Media Literacy in the Digital Age

The overarching theme of the 20th Annual Conference of the Society for Phenomenology and Media will be ‘Global Media Literacy in the Digital Age.’ The aim of this conference is to explore various dimensions of media literacy in the global and local media landscapes, cultural constraints, educational practices, theoretical distinctions, philosophical dilemmas etc.

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The Society for Phenomenology and Media


8 mar to 8 mar 2018

Sheffield, United Kingdom

Signal Strength: women & media practice in conflict and crisis situations

This symposium aims to examine the extent to which radio – and other forms of media – provides a platform for women who are, or have been, in conflict and crisis. Drawing on practice and academic research, discussions will explore multiple angles such as:- gendering media strategies to improve the recognition and representation of women in peril; issues surrounding the safety and protection of women journalists and aid workers; and the limits and limitation of media freedoms.

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8 mar to 8 mar 2018

Sheffield, United Kingdom

Signal Strength: women & media practice in conflict and crisis situations

This symposium aims to examine the extent to which radio – and other forms of media – provides a platform for women who are, or have been, in conflict and crisis.

8 mar to 8 mar 2018

Belfast, Northen Ireland

#Resist: Protest and Resistance Media in Brexit Britain and Trump-era USA

This conference is interested in media created in response to these seismic periods of political change, media created in the period leading up to them, and media that more broadly deals with themes related to populism, politics, and power. As well as discussing media that can be seen as protest or resistance, this event will consider media forms that fail to resist, or those that merely hint at protest.