Här hittar du avslutade konferenser. Arkivet går cirka ett år tillbaka i tiden.

18 sep to 20 sep 2018

Poznan, Poland

The International Conference on Entertainment Computation

The International Conference on Entertainment Computation is the longest lasting and prime scientific conference series inthe area of Entertainment Computing. It brings together practitioners, researchers, artists, designers, and industry on thedesign, creation, development, use, application and evaluation of digital entertainment content and experience systems.

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14 sep to 15 sep 2018

Novi Sad, Serbia

Bridges of Media Education 2018

Celebrating its tenth edition */The Bridges of Media Education/* aims at gathering researchers from the Western Balkans region and from Europe in exchange of scientific knowledge and experience. Thematically oriented towards regional challenges and questions brought by digital technologies, the conference enables discussions about global processes in the light of local specificities.

13 sep to 14 sep 2018

Barcelona, Spain

Rethinking Theories and Concepts of Mediated Communication

This conference will explore how theories and concepts of mediated communication are being challenged in the face of digitization, globalization, and other trends.

12 sep to 14 sep 2018

Leicester, United Kingdom

Care in the Media and Cultural Industries

The second interdisciplinary CAMEo conference therefore focuses on the issues of care, concerns and ethics in the cultural and media economies. Confirmed speakers: Professor Bev Skeggs (London School of Economics), Professor Radhika Gajjala (Bowling Green State, Ohio), Professor Sarah Banet-Weiser (USC, Annenberg). 

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12 sep to 14 sep 2018

Leicester, United Kingdom

Care in the Media and Cultural Industries

This second interdisciplinary CAMEo conference focuses on the issues of "care, concerns and ethics" in the cultural and media economies. Confirmed keynote speaker: Professor Bev Skeggs. 

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12 sep to 14 sep 2018

Johannesburg, South Africa

Communication at a Crossroads

This conference calls for presentations, papers, posters and panels in communication, media, journalism, film, television, and cultural studies that interrogate the notion of “communication at a crossroads” and the “communication turn” in a variety of ways. The intention is to take stock of the current flux within these fields, as well as map possible futures. Our context is Southern Africa, Africa, and the global south.

11 sep to 13 sep 2018

Birmingham, United Kingdom

ASAUK 2018: African Cinema Audiences

This thematic stream on the ASAUK conference aims at constituting three to six panels to debate African cinema audiences’ experiences. The panels would comprise strong theoretical, conceptual and methodological approaches to unpacking the viewing locations, demographic nature, backgrounds, preferences, disappointments and interpretive strategies of African cinema audiences within the continent and those who consume the films in other parts of the world.

11 sep to 11 sep 2018

Stockholm, Sweden

Så forskar du om mediernas historia på Riksarkivet

Den som vill forska om mediernas historia har mycket att hämta på Riksarkivet, där det finns arkiv efter organi­sationer, företag,tidningsmän och journalister. Vid detta seminarium ges en introduktion till dessa arkiv och hur man söker i dem. Seminariet är ett samarbete mellan Riksarkivet och Svensk Presshistorisk förening.

Tid: Tis 11 sep 2018, kl: 13:00 - 15:00

Plats: Marieberg i Stockholm Föreläsningssalen

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Riksarkivet Marieberg


11 sep to 14 sep 2018

Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium


The RedMIL 2018 doctoral summer school aims at contributing to the convergence between digital, media and information literacy research by bringing together researchers from all three communities, to foster the scientific debate and explore connections between them.

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10 sep to 11 sep 2018

Loughborough, United Kingdom

Nations and Nationalisms: Theories, Practices and Methods

The Loughborough University Nationalism Network, in collaboration with the Association for the Study of Ethnicity and Nationalism (ASEN), are organising an international conference dedicated to post-graduate students (Master and PhD) interested in theories, practices and methods of nations and nationalism studies.

10 sep to 10 sep 2018

Santiago, Chile

Cultural Mediators in the Digital Age

The aim of this symposium is to gather experts on cultural industries to discuss and analyse how consumers’ practices performed in digital spaces (e.g. blog, social media, and websites) are facilitating the emergency of new cultural and economic forms in this industry. 

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9 sep to 12 sep 2018

Valletta, Malta

Digital Research in the Humanities & Arts (DRHA) Conference

A call for proposals for papers, panels, workshops, screenings, performances, installations or round-table discussions is now open.The conference programme will be structured within 5 distinct strands: Digital arts, design and performance; Digital humanities; Creative and cultural industries; Digital libraries and archives; and Digital cities and urban commons.

7 sep to 9 sep 2018

Shenzhen, China

Chinese DiGRA conference 2018

Chinese Digital Games Research Association is excited to announce the fifth annual conference to be held at City University of Hong Kong Shenzhen Research Institute in Shenzhen, China, on September 7th-9th of 2018. The conference will feature a doctoral consortium, two days of paper presentations, and a tour to Tencent Research Institute (TRI) in Shenzhen.

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Chinese DiGRA (Digital Games Research Association)


6 sep to 7 sep 2018

Auckland, New Zealand

Journalism, media and surveillance

The Internet and social media create new opportunities for surveillance. Governments, military organisations, intelligence agencies, corporations, market researchers, and advertisers have the capacity to erase privacy and reshape the conditions of human autonomy. Mass media representations can, potentially, legitimise or delegitimise contemporary surveillance practices. These developments threaten journalistic practice just as they create new opportunities for counter-surveilling institutions of power. How then, should we understand the interrelationships which conjoin journalism, media and surveillance? Conference participants will, we hope, respond to this general question. 

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6 sep to 8 sep 2018

Stockholm, Sweden

International Academic Conference "Manga, Comics and Japan: Area Studies as Media Studies"

The conference will focus on three aspects:
(1) “Japan as Mangaesque,” related to the highly mediatized nature of contemporary Japanese culture, i.e. its media ecology, highlighting global and local mediations rather than national branding;
(2) “Manga Pedagogy,” applying the mediatic perspective to methodologies of Manga Studies within university programs and academic scholarship; and
(3) “Manga as Comics,” foregrounding media specifity in relation to comics and thereby extending the scope of Manga Studies beyond that of a primarily Japan-related field.

Attendance is free, but pre-registration is required for non-speakers. Please send an email with the heading “Manga conference, pre-registration” to either jberndt@su.se or ida.kirkegaard@su.se by 20 August 2018.

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Stockholms universitet


6 sep to 7 sep 2018

Reading, United Kingdom

Subcultures, Popular Music and Social Change

The 2nd International Conference of the Interdisciplinary Network for the Study of Subcultures, Popular Music and Social Change. This international conference will analyse the problems and possibilities of writing on subcultures and their music. It will bring together academics, journalists and practitioners; it will be multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary. 

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6 sep to 8 sep 2018

Växjö, Swedem

Symbiotic Cinema: Film and Other Media

this 24th SERCIA international conference calls for rationale and analysis that bears on cinema/television as technical media and its characteristics. Keynote speakers: François Jost – Sorbonne Nouvelle-Paris 3, France, Lúcia Nagib – University of Reading, UK and Miriam De Rosa – Coventry University, UK.


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Linnaeus University Centre for Intermedial and Multimodal Studies


6 sep to 8 sep 2018

Zagreb, Croatia

Communication, Capitalism and Social Change: Policy, Practice, Praxis

Communication is essential to society. There are no social relations without communication, and communication is the key for the inter-subjective understanding of humans. Communication is embedded within relations of production in digital capitalism.

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6 sep to 7 sep 2018

York, United Kingdom

Death & Culture II Conference

This conference seeks to provide a forum for networking and sharing interdisciplinary death scholarship. We welcome research rooted in empirical studies as well as conceptual and theoretical engagement which focus on cultural responses to death and the ways it has shaped understandings and perspectives on mortality. The conference, in its second iteration, seeks to continue engaging with the study of mortality as an academic enterprise, supported by evidence and framed by theoretical engagement.

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6 sep to 7 sep 2018

Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Understanding and Examining the Digital Advocacy Pioneers

Spanning six continents and mobilising over 17 million citizens, this workshop will bring together scholars researching these groups at the forefront of innovations in online campaigning.

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