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18 okt to 19 okt 2018

Berkeley, United States

International Conference on Communication and Media Studies

We invite proposals for paper presentations, workshops/interactive sessions, posters/exhibits, virtual lightning talks, virtual posters, innovative showcase, or colloquia addressing one of the following themes: Media Cultures, Media Theory, Media Technologies and Processes,  Media Business and Media Literacies. 

18 okt to 20 okt 2018

Madrid, Spain

RIPE@2018: Universalism and Public Service Media

The RIPE@2018 conference theme focuses on challenges and opportunities in achieving the universal service mission in the era of media abundance. The conference happens over 2.5 days with a welcoming reception the night before the first day and the inaugural RIPE General Assembly on the afternoon of the third day. The GA will deliberate on a new leadership structure for the initiative going forward. The conference language is English.

18 okt to 19 okt 2018

Helsinki , Finland

Politics of Participation

This two-day symposium interrogates the concept of participation, as articulated in contemporary political, economic and organizational forms, from a language-oriented perspective. To this end, the symposium gathers scholars from across the social sciences whose work takes a language-focused perspective on “participation” in democratic politics and governance, finance and commerce, education, and media and communications.

For more information:

Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies


17 okt to 19 okt 2018

Athens, Greece

Media, industries, storytelling, communities

The main objective of this conference is to question, in a critical and international perspective, the dissemination of this rhetoric, the political issues and socio-economic models concerned and emerging in distinct fields: cultural industries, creative industries, but also in other industrial sectors, public institutions and associations.

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17 okt to 19 okt 2018

Madrid, Spain

Cinema, TV and Popular Culture in the 1990s: Spain-Latin America

An International Conference focusing on Cinema, TV and Popular Culture in the 1990s with an emphasis on Spain-Latin America. 

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17 okt to 17 okt 2018

Karlstad, Sweden

Satire as Perspective on the Contemporary

The Research Group for Culture Studies, KuFo, invites interested researchers to take part, with or without presentation, in the workshop Satire as Perspective on the Contemporary.
The workshop will take place on Wednesday 17 October 2018, 10.15-17.30, in Minerva, Building 12, at Karlstad University, Karlstad, Sweden.
The workshop is interdisciplinary, and is intended for researchers who engage with satire from different perspectives.

For more information:

KuFo, The Research Group for Culture Studies at Karlstad University


12 okt to 12 okt 2018

Göteborg, Sweden

True or False? - On News Reporting in the EU Today October Workshop 2018

October workshop 2018:  1) Disinformation as a political weapon 2) Hitting the wall: How social media companies inhibit the struggle against political deception. 3) EU vs. disinfo? The East StratCom Task Force and the EU¿s efforts to counter disinformation.

12 okt to 12 okt 2018

Newcastle, UK

New research agendas for the study of sports media (re)presentation(s) of sportswomen and femininity A BSA Early Career Forum Event

This one day symposium provides an inter/cross-disciplinary platform to explore different ways we come to know, understand, collaborate on and communicate research of the gendered nature of sports media, in particular the representation of femininity.

For more information:

Roger Domeneghetti, Lecturer in Journalism, Faculty of Arts Design and Social Science, Northumbria University


11 okt to 13 okt 2018

Montreal, Canada

AoIR2018: Transnational Materialities

The overarching theme of AoIR2018 will be Transnational Materialities. The theme is broadly rooted in the burgeoning implications of current massive global migrations of people and data, within the context of a growing materialist movement in cultural and media studies, media archaeology, software studies, science and technology studies, feminist materialism, object oriented ontologies of post-humanist philosophy, critical political economy, actor-network theory, and the like.

11 okt to 13 okt 2018

Prague, Czech Republic

CEEGS 2018: Ludic Expressions

The fifth annual CEEGS conference wants to bring focus to the expressive potential of digital and non-digital games. It aims to explore what - and how - is expressed through games and how players interact with and interpret ludic expressions in their own practices.

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9 okt to 11 okt 2018

Tokyo, Japan

The Asian Media, Communication & Film Conference

This international and interdisciplinary conference will bring together a range of academics, independent researchers, artists and activists to explore the challenges that we face in the twenty-first century. IWhile we have every right to fear the future, we also have agency in creating that future. Can we commit to a cosmopolitanism that celebrates difference and that challenges social inequity? On our ability to answer to that question affirmatively likely hangs our very survival.

9 okt to 12 okt 2018

Tartu, Estonia

Re‐imagining the Museum in the Global Contemporary

We invite you to join us in Estonia to reflect upon the complex context(s) in which museums exist today, and to creatively examine the range of new and future roles we might productively employ in our respective and interconnected institutions.

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9 okt to 11 okt 2018

Vila Mariana, São Paulo

International Congress in Communication and Consumption

During the last decade, it comprises a plural space of interlocution on the communication and consumption field in their multiple interfaces. Organized annually since its first edition, in 2018 it becomes BIENNIAL, keeping the format – WGs Workshop and Summit of post-graduation and graduation. 

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5 okt to 8 okt 2018

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam Privacy Conference

The goal of the conference is to bring together academics, policy makers, journalists, and practitioners to promote active discussion on timely topics. We welcome contributions from diverse fields, including philosophy, law, economics, computer science, medicine, media and communication studies and social sciences.

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4 okt to 5 okt 2018

Aarhus, Denmark

Work­shop: Nor­dic Noir, Geo­pol­it­ics, and the North

Norden’s dramatic television series currently serve as a model for the rest of the world. Shaped by public service broadcasting traditions these programmes provide a rich reservoir of representation of how northern Europe sees itself. With this in mind, this workshop will investigate the geopolitical implications of the series within and beyond the region.

The workshop is open to all, but places are limited. To register, please contact Dr Pei Sze Chow at pschow@cc.au.dk.
See announcement: ReNEW Workshop: Nordic Noir, Geopolitics, and the North

For more information:

Aarhus university, School of Communication and Culture and ReNEW (Reimagining Norden in an Evolving World)



3 okt to 4 okt 2018

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Seeking Justice Online Talkshow

Colleagues based in or near the Netherlands may be interested in the following two-day symposium and public talkshow on the topic of digital vigilantism. Online justice seeking is a growing phenomenon, with users denouncing criminal and otherwise offensive acts around the globe.Digital media devices and platforms play a crucial role in justice-seeking, as do the countess spectators who bear witness and even participate in the events.

For more information:

Erasmus University Rotterdam EUR 105 years Science meets City


28 sep to 28 sep 2018

Washington DC, USA

Redefining Identities, Cultures, and Humanities Academic Research Conference

The International Conference on Redefining Identities, Cultures, and Humanities (ICH Conference) aims to bring together researchers, scientists, academics, educators, anthropologists, philosophers, writers, practitioners and scholar students to exchange and share their experiences, new ideas, and research results about all aspects of interculturalism, multiculturalism, humanities, liberal arts education, social sciences, cultural studies, arts management, composition studies, education psychology, popular cultures, women's studies, and interdisciplinary studies.

27 sep to 28 sep 2018

Stirling, Scotland UK

Life in Data Conference

The RSE Life in Data Network is a collaborative project funded through generous support by the Royal Society of Edinburgh. We facilitate knowledge exchange amongst Scottish HEIs, SCIs, public and third sector partners, to explore the emergent field of data literacy, openness, education policy and creative data innovation in Scotland.

27 sep to 29 sep 2018

Thessaloniki, Greece

Media, Polis, Agora - Journalism & Communication in the Digital Era

This interdisciplinary conference aims to bring together scholars, professionals and practitioners from diverse fields -- including journalism studies, media and communication studies, political communication, sociology, critical humanities, policy and governance studies, technology studies, and cultural analysis-- to discuss the dynamic and continuous pivotal interplay of politics (polis), journalism and communication (media) and the public sphere (agora).

27 sep to 28 sep 2018

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Facts: True, Alternative, Evolving

The 2018 Association for Adaptation Studies annual conference invites reflection on questions of truth, untruth and post-truth in the context of adaptation studies, as well as on the meaning and applications of facts, ‘true’, ‘alternative’ and ‘evolving’.