Här hittar du avslutade konferenser. Arkivet går cirka ett år tillbaka i tiden.

11 jan to 11 jan 2018

Oslo, Norway

Medietrender 2018

Kantar Media inviterer til heldagsseminar om trendene i mediemarkedet.

10 jan to 12 jan 2018

London, UK

MeCCSA 2018: Creativity and Agency

The next MeCCSA conference will be hosted by the School of Arts and Creative Industries at London South Bank University. Among  keynote speakers who have confirmed are Prof. David Gauntlett, University of Westminster; Prof. Angela McRobbie, Goldsmiths, University of London and Prof. Andy Miah, University of Salford.

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Media, Communication and Cultural Studies Association / MeCCSA


15 dec to 15 dec 2017

Cambridge, United Kingdom

Games, Values and AI

This workshop aims to bring together researchers from different backgrounds to explore the philosophical and social issues raised by games as inspiration, model, testbed or context for Artificial Intelligence.

14 dec to 16 dec 2017

Mumbai, India

Communications Research in the Digital Ag

ICA Asia Regional Conference 2017. From smoke signals to satellites to information superhighways, communication has changed in physical as well as philosophical context. What makes 'digital age' different from its predecessors is the synchronicity, physicality, continuity, climate, context in the process of communication. 

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SNDT Women's University


14 dec to 15 dec 2017

Athens, Greece

d-Democracy 2017

ICT innovations such as Big Data, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing as well as Intelligent Systems employed in e-Government services raise issues relating to Security, Privacy and Data Protection. These are tquestions of the 7th occasion of the international c onference on e-Democracy

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The Scientific Council for the Information Society


14 dec to 16 dec 2017

Rome, Italy

Communication and Politics in the Pop-Democracy

We would encourage contributors to use the idea of crisis and pop democracy to reflect on challenges facing media and political communication research. While the main theme of this conference is “Communication and politics  in the pop-democracy”, the Italian Association of Political Communication operates an open and inclusive policy, and papers dealing with any aspect of media and politics are welcomed, as are papers from PhD students and early career researchers.

For more information:

Italian Association of Political Communication


13 dec to 15 dec 2017

Düsseldorf, Germany

Online participation on the local level

The conference brings together an international group of researchers from different disciplines to provide a variety of perspectives on local online participation. The main theme of the conference is to investigate the role of digital technologies in political participation with a focus on the local level, ranging from small neighbourhoods to large municipalities.

8 dec to 8 dec 2017

Sidney, Australia

Sydney Screen Studies Network Symposium 2017

The theme of the symposium is Intersections in Film and Media Studies and it will explore the transitional nature of contemporary screen studies and the movement of scholarship, theory, and ideas across its boundaries. We invite scholars working across film, television, video, and internet genres. 

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8 dec to 16 dec 2017

Limassol, Cyprus

Respublika! media arts festival

Respublika! is a one-week community media arts festival. The festival will be simultaneously translated into an exhibition, which will run from 8 December 2017 to 19 January 2018, and will feed into a series of seminars.  Respublika! is a multi-sited and multi-genre community media arts festival which aims to tap into the creative reservoirs of community media, civil society organisations and social collectives (and their members); but also of artists that are committed to the basic principles of participatory community communication.

7 dec to 9 dec 2017

Lingnan University, Hong Kong

Digital Media and Borders

Infrastructures, Mobilities, and Practices across Asia and Beyond. 
Digital communication, despite its apparent immateriality, remains dependent on infrastructure placed somewhere. This workshop focuses on the intersection of urban situatedness and geo-location in order to examine the spatial relations that digital infrastructures either make part of or generate, especially in Asia. 

7 dec to 8 dec 2017

Bremen, Germany

The Mediatization of Time: New Perspectives on Media, Data and Temporality

This conference invites to think through the role of media and data people have or had at hand to time their interactions, relations, and states of being. It encourages submissions related to the mediation of time and the timing of media(ization.
Speakers include: Staffan Ericson, Johan Fornäs, Södertörn University; Andreas Hepp, University of Bremen; Emily Keightley Loughborough University; Irene Neverla, University of Hamburg; Elizabeth Prommer, University of Rostock; Espen YtrebergHelge Jordheim, University of Oslo.

For more information:

ZeMKI, Centre for Media, Communication and Information Research University of Bremen


6 dec to 6 dec 2017

Stockholm, Sweden

Visions & Mediations of Northern Spaces

To explore this intersection between political decision making and mediation of the Arctic in a rapidly evolving media landscape, a group of international scholars and media practitioners are gathering for a workshop in Stockholm 6-7 December 2017. The aim of this workshop is to start a discussion about the implications of the changing media and political landscape for circumpolar regional governance. 

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6 dec to 8 dec 2017

Bremen, Germany

The Mediatization of Time – Conference 2017

The conference invites participants to think through the interplay of media and data in respect of the way social time is constructed, modulated, and experienced. This allows to appreciate how new technologies and representations deeply affect the temporal organization of today’s media suffused societies, and it also sheds light on transformations in mediating time. 

For more information:

ZeMKI, Centre for Media, Communication and Information Research and School of Culture and Education, Södertörn University.


6 dec to 7 dec 2017

Los Angeles , United States

All Things in Moderation

All Things in Moderation: The People, Practices and Politics of Online Content Review – Human and Machine. Beyond analyzing the contemporary case of commercial content moderation across the social media and other digital industries, we anticipate that All Things in Moderation will require a look to the past and to other media sectors, as well as a gaze into the future, to anticipate the problems  related to CCM and to our social media-reliant world, and to collectively think about solutions.

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6 dec to 6 dec 2017

Copenhagen, Denmark

Bedre digitale oplevelser til børn og unge

Slots- og Kulturstyrelsen og Det Danske Filminstitut afholder i fællesskab en konference, der skal inspirere biblioteker og museer til at bringe de nye digitale muligheder konstruktivt og effektivt i spil i formidlingen til børn og unge.

For more information:

Slots- og Kulturstyrelsen


4 dec to 6 dec 2017

Newcastle, Australia

The Second Coming of Journalism?

The University of Newcastle will host the annual conference of the Journalism Education and Research Association of Australia.
Truth in a post-truth world
Fake news: opinions vs facts vs alternative facts
Comedy and news: a marriage of convenience?
Beyond the capitals: is the future of journalism in the regions?
Advocacy journalism: collaboration for a community outcome
How do we best prepare contemporary undergraduate and postgraduate students

For more information:

Journalism Education & Research Association of Australia


4 dec to 5 dec 2017

Helsinki, Finland

Elements of Success. Rethinking Audience and Production Studies as Practice

Elements of Success in the Finnish film industry (EoS) is a research group at the Department of Film, Television and Scenograpy, at Aalto University in Helsinki, Finland, which studies the film-making processes, film production cultures and contemporary film audiences. The focus is on the actual film-making process and the factors that contribute to a film’s success. The aim is to facilitate decision-making and contribute to the business know-how of film production companies.
Confirmed keynote speakers include: Professor John Caldwell, University of Los Angeles California: Associate Professor Eva Novrup Redvall, University of Copenhagen.

For more information:

Aalto University


4 dec to 7 dec 2017

Manchester, UK

Children's Global Media Summit

Celebrating the best content, tackling the importance of education, protection and empowerment the event promises to be crucial for anyone involved in children’s Media. The Summit will help shape the future of children’s media for the next decade by bringing together iconic speakers, debates, masterclasses and a showcase of the most cutting edge content and technology on the market. The programme is designed around five main themes – education, empowerment, entertainment, innovation and protection – with each of these themes having dedicated content, speakers and new ideas helping to advance the debate and create a lasting legacy.
The Children’s Global Media Summit is the eighth which has been commissioned by the World Summit on Media for Children Foundation. The summit has been held in a different location every three years since it started in Melbourne, Australia in 1995.

For more information:

World Summit on Media for Children Foundation


3 dec to 5 dec 2017

Gävle, Sweden

Consuming the Environment

Consuming the Environment is a humanistic research initiative to a multidisciplinary approach. This year´s conference highlights urbanization and vulnerability.

For more information:

University of Gävle


29 nov to 30 nov 2017

Helsinki, Finaldn

Art of Research 2017 conference

The theme of this sixth Art of Research conference addresses the agency of the artist-researcher as a catalyst that challenges established ideas and produces new thinking through artistic and practice-led research. We encourage submissions from artist-researchers and practice-led researchers representing different art forms e.g. contemporary art, film, photography, scenography, craft, design, media and architecture.


For more information:

Aalto University