Här hittar du avslutade konferenser. Arkivet går cirka ett år tillbaka i tiden.

27 nov to 27 nov 2018

Horsens, Denmark

Hvordan skaber vi fremtidens læsere - nu?

Konference om læselyst skal give folkebibliotekerne input til, hvordan de kan styrke børn og unges lyst til at læse.
Målgruppen for Slots- og Kulturstyrelsens konference er biblioteksmedarbejdere, udviklingskonsulenter og personale fra skolernes pædagogiske læringscentre.
Det er gratis at deltage i konferencen, men der vil blive opkrævet et gebyr på 450 kroner ved udeblivelse.
Man kan tilmelde sig konferencen på styrelsens hjemmeside fra midten af september.


27 nov to 27 nov 2018

Brussels, Belgium

Brexit – impact, challenges and chances for the European audiovisual sector

Annual autumn conference! This year focusing on BREXIT and raising the questions of the possible consequences for the European audiovisual industries, both from an economic and legal point of view. The conference takes place on Tuesday 27th of November from 12.00 - 15.00. A networking buffet lunch will be provided. Entry is free but registration is compulsory.

26 nov to 26 nov 2018

Stockholm, Sweden

Offentliga samtal – vad händer när de rika blir rikare?

Seminarium i serien Offentliga samtal – forskare möter praktiker. Denna gång handlar samtalet om vad som händer när de rika blir rikare.

23 nov to 24 nov 2018

São João da Madeira, Portugal

The 5th Internacional Symposium Fusions in Cinema

Teachers, investigators, invited speakers, specialists and artists of different areas analyze, in this 5th Internacional Symposium, the current artistic and educational practices, the new roles of the different agents involved in the creative and operative dynamics of art, education and culture nowadays.

For more information:

Caminhos Film Festival and the Unity of Development of the Centers of Local Learning of Universidade Aberta


22 nov to 23 nov 2018

Istanbul, Turkey

4.th International New Media Conference

4.th International New Media Conference will be held by The New Media, Radio Television & Cinema and Computer Engineering Departments. The main topic is The Artificial Intelligence Practices of Engineering, Art and Communication. 

For more information:

INMEC/Gelisim University



22 nov to 23 nov 2018

Rome, Italy

XXIV International Film Studies Conference XXIV Convegno Internazionale di Studi Cinematografici

From Spectacle to Entertainment: Cinema, Media and Modes of Engagement from Modernity to the Present

The conference considers film as a crucial point of convergence between late nineteenth century spectacular culture and contemporary entertainment practices, but the areas of investigation are evidently not limited to cinema.

For more information:

Department of Philosophy, Communication and Performing Arts Dipartimento di Filosofia, Comunicazione e Spettacolo



22 nov to 23 nov 2018

Porto, Portogal

“Threats to Online Journalism” in debate at #6COBCIBER

In this VI International Conference on Online Journalism (#6COBCIBER), in which we mark 10 years of the Online Journalism Observatory (ObCiber), we want to make a global diagnosis, perceive causes, contexts and effects, and look for solutions to face the threats to online newsmaking.

For more information:

Communication and Image of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto


22 nov to 23 nov 2018

Copenhagen, Denmark

Rethinking cultural journalism and cultural critique in digital media culture

This conference engages with how journalistic authority and critical expertise within the cultural field is being reconfigured /in/ the digital media landscape and /by means of/ digital media, as the boundaries of ‘cultural journalism’ and ‘cultural critique’, and who may be labeled a ‘cultural journalist’ or a ‘cultural critic’ blur. More specifically, the conference addresses the shifting relations between specialists / generalists, producers / users, public / private, objectivity / subjectivity, emotionality / rationality in cultural journalism and cultural critique in the digital age.

There is no conference fee but participants must themselves arrange travel/accommodation and cover these expenses.

For more information:

The conference is organized by the research project “From Ivory Tower to Twitter"



21 nov to 23 nov 2018

Aarhus, Denmark


5th Nordic Interdisciplinary Conference on Discourse and Interaction. The conference invites contributions from different and diverse fields of inquiry including discourse analysis, conversation analysis, discursive psychology, critical discourse analysis, interaction analysis, rhetoric, narrative analysis, discourse theory, political discourse analysis, social semiotics, multimodal discourse analysis, applied linguistics, sociolinguistics, textual studies, media studies, gesture studies, communication studies and organization studies.

19 nov to 20 nov 2018

Stockholm, Sweden

Internetdagarna 2018

Internetdagarna är en bred konferens. Genom att dela upp programmet i spår kan allt från det bredaste till det mest smala ämne få plats, alla med sin röda tråd i internet. Under två dagar går närmare 20 olika evenemang av stapeln samtidigt. Som besökare bokar du det evenemang som intresserar dig mest och följer det under en hel dag.

During two days, more than a dozen events are held simultaneously. One of the major benefits of participating at the conference is the opportunity to meet within and across industrial borders and areas of interest. As a visitor you choose the event that interest you most and participate during the whole day. Most events are held in Swedish.

For more information:

IIS, Internetstiftelsen i Sverige


19 nov to 19 nov 2018

Brighton, UK

Post-Representative Participations: Engaging with Civic Action in the Times of Digital Citizenship

The Media, Communications and Cultural Studies Association’s Postgraduate Network (MeCCSA PGN), the Participatory Communication Research (PCR) section of the International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR), and the Centre for Digital Media Cultures, University of Brighton invites postgraduate students, early-career researchers, filmmakers, civil society members and activists to submit proposals for our joint one-day conference at University of Brighton.

The aim of this conference is to provide a platform for the critical dialogue between Participatory Communication Research communities and media practitioners (such as activists, filmmakers etc.) to examine the issues of social, political and cultural change in the times of digital media, giving a particular focus on ‘digital citizenship’. It also aims to bring together international academics and media practitioners to explore the creative participatory methods. We are keen to involve not only academic presentations, but also workshops and film screenings by media practitioners at the event, giving them the chance to present their work, ideas and practices to an international audience.

For more information:


16 nov to 17 nov 2018

Montréal, Canada

The Labour of Media (Studies) Activism, Education, and Industry

A group of knowledge workers creating a forum for discussion and analysis of contemporary academic labour in media studies inside and outside of the academy.

For more information:

Concordia University


15 nov to 16 nov 2018

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

2nd Futures of Media Conference

After the successful *Futures of Media Conference* last year, we are happy to announce the 2018 Futures of Media Conference with the title: The Social Impact of Digital Media.

15 nov to 17 nov 2018

Prague, Czech Republic

Media Point conference

This year’s topic is “Media and Technology: Innovative Journalism in a Contested Political Space.” Prague Media Point is a series of annual international conferences with this year’s installment focusing on how technological advances can assist or undermine media in fulfilling their democratic role.

For more information:


15 nov to 16 nov 2018

Middlefart , Denmark

“New perspectives on data”, SMiDs årsmöte 2018.

Digital technology has changed the relationships between media and communication researchers and their data. The collecting, storing, and handling of data have always been subject to changing definitions and theorizations, but with the “digital turn” these changes are more prominent than before. Thus, with digitalization, “old” media as well as “new” exist in novel configurations of technology, production, and usage, and these processes influence the ways researchers collect, engage with, and communicate empirical material. Even though phenomena such as “big data” and datafication are important in this development with their emphasis on large datasets and quantification, the digital turn also influences qualitative research that relies on, for example, interviews, ethnography, discourse analysis, etc. Not everything is digital, and analogue and electronic materials remain important to media research. However, the change in materiality that follows from digitization transforms infrastructures and tools for researchers to engage with their data.

For more information:



15 nov to 16 nov 2018

Stockholm, Sweden

Nordic Open Science Conference

The general purpose of the conference is to provide an opportunity for researchers, universities, policymakers, research councils, and other active organisations from the Nordic countries to meet and exchange experiences and ideas relating to open science.

For more information:

The Swedish Research Council, National Library of Sweden and NordForsk



13 nov to 13 nov 2018

Brussels , Belgium

Fight disinformation with media literacy!

What? A one day event, with a choice of workshops showing you hands-on tools and methods to tackle topics such as propaganda, disinformation and fake news.

12 nov to 14 nov 2018

Helsinki, Finland

Music and the Sacred

In the conference, the aim is to address the various ways in which music intersects with sacred phenomena, and vice versa. This entails acknowledging the multidimensionality of both music and the sacred, and how music becomes sacralised in diverse ways and how the sacred becomes reconceptualised in musical contexts.

12 nov to 13 nov 2018

São Paulo, Brazil

Brazil-France-Francophone Belgium Journalism Research Conference

Studying the socio-cultural boundaries of journalism requires one to reflect on the dynamics of transformation, diversification and cooperation between journalists and other social spaces. This theme, so dear to the Brazilian, French and Belgian community of researchers, will be debated at the 1st Brazil-France-Belgium Francophone Colloquium on Journalism Studies, organized by SBPJor, in partnership with GIS-Journalisme and the ReSIC-Université Libre de Bruxelles.

For more information:

SBPJor, in partnership with GIS-Journalisme and the ReSIC-Université Libre de Bruxelles


9 nov to 9 nov 2018

Stockholm, Sweden

The Shrinking Academic Freedom in Europe – World Science Day for Peace and Development Symposium

The human right to participate in and benefit from science is enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which celebrates its 70th anniversary this year. The 2017 UNESCO Recommendation on Science and Scientific Researchers further states that academic freedom lies at the very heart of the scientific process, and provides a strong guarantee of the accuracy and objectivity of scientific results. Today when academic freedom is challenged in some countries and disciplines, it is urgent to highlight and discuss how researchers, universities, academies and governments may support fellow researchers and safeguard academic freedom globally.

For more information:

Swedish National Commission for UNESCO and Young Academy of Sweden