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29 maj to 29 maj 2017

Stockholm, Sverige

Misstron mot medier

Ökar verkligen misstron mot medier – eller känns det bara så?
I detta seminarium presenterar Institutet för Mediestudier boken Misstron mot medier som ger några nya svar grundat i både ny och gammal forskning. Bland annat presenteras en SOM-studie om förtroendet för journalistiken inom olika politikområden.
Medverkar gör bland andra professor Lennart Weibull och docent Ulrika Andersson, Göteborgs universitet, som berättar om sin djupdykning i forskningsdata om misstron mot svenska medier.

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Institutet för mediestudier


25 maj to 27 maj 2017

Copenhagen, Denmark

Music – Sound – Radio: Theorizing Music Radio

In a year, the Danish music and radio research project Ramund will close. This seminar is to mark this, a seminar focusing mainly on the theoretical aspects of the many different relations between music and radio and the meetings between the two in music-radio. The aim of the seminar will be to publish an anthology of articles

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University of Copenhagen


25 maj to 29 maj 2017

San Diego, CA, USA

ICA 67th Annual Conference

The theme of the 2017 International Communication Association Conference is Intervention. Communication Research and Practice .

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International Communication Association / ICA


25 maj to 26 maj 2017

Kent, UK

Women-in-Peril or Final Girls? Representing Women in Gothic and Horror Cinema

This conference will underline the importance of female protagonists in Gothic and horror, within film history and contemporary cinema, and ask: are these characters women-in-peril or Final Girls, or both.

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University of Kent


25 maj to 25 maj 2017

London, UK

Affect and Social Media 3.0

In its third year now, the A&SM one day conference at UEL Docklands continues to get to grips with social media culture.
Keynotes: Jessica Ringrose, UCL and Emma Renold, Cardiff.

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The University of East London


25 maj to 27 maj 2017

Washington, DC, USA

Cultural Studies Association Conference 2017

The Cultural Studies Association invites proposals from its current, as well as past and future, members for participation in its 15th annual meeting. Proposals on all topics of relevance to cultural studies are welcome, with priority given to proposals that critically and creatively engage this year's highlighted theme: Culture in the Age of Mass Debt.

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The Cultural Studies Association / CSA


24 maj to 26 maj 2017

Salford, UK

Purple Reign: The Life and Legacy of Prince

The conference presents a consideration of the cultural impact, iconic status of Prince and his global legacies across many media platforms. The conference is hosted by The School of Arts and Media, University of Salford, UK and the Department of Recording Industry, Middle Tennessee State University, USA.

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University of Salford


23 maj to 23 maj 2017

Stockholm, Sverige

Ungar & medier 2017

Vilka sociala medier använder de unga och i vilken utsträckning? Är tv-program populärare än youtubers? Håller den konstanta uppkopplingen på att döda bokläsningen?
Dessa frågor och många fler besvaras i Statens medieråds nya statistiska rapporter.
Plats: Bio Victor, Filmhuset, Borgvägen 1
Tid: Kl. 9.30–10.30
Föranmälan till: registrator@statensmedierad.se
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Statens Medieråd

23 maj to 24 maj 2017

Bologna, Italy

The Format Factor: Television Shows, Brands and Properties in the Global Television

Media Mutations, the international conference of studies on audiovisual media hosted by Dipartimento delle Arti of Università di Bologna, comes to its ninth edition. This year’s theme is the cultural and industrial role of global formats in television production, distribution and viewing practices.
Confirmed key note speaker: Confirmed keynote speakers: Jérôme Bourdon, Jean Chalaby.

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The Media Across Borders Network


22 maj to 23 maj 2017

Rome, Italy

Fear and Loathing of the Online Self

A savage journey into the heart of digital culture. The conference aims at exploring the state of the online self by raising questions about its status as a focal point of contemporary power/networks.

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Institute of Network Culture


22 maj to 23 maj 2017

Athens, Greece

Media Economics

The Athens Institute for Education and Research / ATINER, a world association of academics and researchers , organizes A Panel on Media Economics as part of the Twelfth Annual International Symposium on Economic Theory, Policy and Applications.

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The Athens Institute for Education and Research / ATINER


22 maj to 26 maj 2017

Lancaster, UK

Summer School: Gender and Celebrity

A five day postgraduate summer school on feminist media and cultural studies, run by The Centre for Gender & Women’s Studies at Lancaster University.  A lively and interactive series of lectures, workshops, visiting speakers, panels, film screenings and debates exploring gender & celebrity.

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Lancaster University



20 maj to 21 maj 2017

London, UK

Digital Objects, Digital Subjects

An Interdisciplinary Symposium on Activism, Research & Critique in the Age of Big Data Capitalism, hosted by the Westminster Institute for Advanced Studies. The conference will explore the futures, places and possibilities of critique in the age of digital subjects and digital objects.

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University of Westminster


19 maj to 19 maj 2017

The 9th International Conference on Digital Image Processing / ICDIP2017

ICDIP conferences have been held annually since 2009.
Confirmed key note speakers 2017: Prof. Charles M. Falco, University of Arizona, USA; Prof. Xudong Jiang, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

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19 maj to 20 maj 2017

Budapest, Hungary

Communicating Music Scenes: Networks, Power, Technology

The conference aims to address the relation(ship)s and communication between people, formal and informal institutions, and technologies in the context of music making. 
The conference is jointly organised by the Institute of Musicology, the Department of Sociology and Communications, Budapest University of Technology and Economics and IASPM Hungary.

For more information:

Institute of Musicology, Research Center for Humanities


18 maj to 18 maj 2017

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The 5th International SEARCH Conference

The conference theme 2017 is Social Media in Focus; a title that speaks of a twin aim of recognizing the growing importance of social media and the need to be aware of its excesses.

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18 maj to 18 maj 2017

Riga, Latvia

Communication in the Global Village: Interests and Influences

The XVII international scientific conference. This year with the theme Communication in the Global Village: Interests and Influences.
The conference language is Latvian and English.

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Turiba University


17 maj to 17 maj 2017

Krems, Austria

CeDEM17: E-Democracy and Open Government

The international Conference for e-Democracy and Open Government brings together e-democracy, e-participation and open government specialists working in academia, politics, government and business to critically analyse the innovations, issues, ideas and challenges in the networked societies of the digital age.

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17 maj to 18 maj 2017

Castellon, Spain

The Elderly and New Technologies

The topic of this 5th international conference is The technology for the people  and the aim is to put in practise our knowledge and expertise to plan and explore all the possibilities related with technology to improve our health, physical and psychological, our well-being, autonomy and quality of life from an interdisciplinar perspective.

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17 maj to 19 maj 2017

Lund, Sweden

Tracing Entanglements in Media History

With this conference the organisers like to further explore the theoretical and methodological implications of a plea for integrated media history together with other researchers working in the field. Scholars from different disciplines across the humanities and interpretive social sciences are invited.
Confirmed keynote speakers:
Michele Hilmes, University of Wisconsin and Simo Mikkonen, University of Jyväskylä.

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Lund University