Symposium: Youth and News in the digital media environment - Nordic-Baltic perspectives


Where: University of Gothenburg, Vasaparken 1, Gothenburg.
When: 4 December, 13.00 – 16.00 h.
Deadline for registration: 15 November.
Hosts: Nordicom, the Swedish Media Council and the Nordic Council of Ministers

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In the past few decades, the media landscape has transformed from an analogue to a digital one. The consequences are far-reaching concerning how people define, interpret and consume information and news and how media organizations as well as individuals produce news and information. Different generations have different relations to different media forms, since they have grown up in different media environments. While old people still use legacy media, the main source of news and information for children and youth are social media. Old people in general don’t produce their own media, but a lot of children and youth do. Accordingly, children and youth need qualified digital skills in several respects: production, use and evaluation. 

On behalf of the Nordic Council of Ministers, Nordicom and the Swedish Media Council have edited a new anthology on the timely topic of youth and news. The anthology, which includes contributions from a wide variety of authors in the Nordic and the Baltics, presents three major themes: first, how children and youth produce news and societal information, second, how media companies produce news and societal information directed towards children and youth, and third, how children and youth define, use and interpret news. 


The new anthology will be presented at a symposium in Gothenburg on 4 December. Please note that prior registration is mandatory and that there is a limited number of seats in the auditorium. The symposium will also be live-streamed via


Participating authors
Maarit Jaakkola, assistant director and researcher, Nordicom
Thomas Nygren, associate professor, Uppsala University
Johan Lindell, senior lecturer, Karlstad University and Södertörn University
Stine Liv Johansen, associate professor, Aarhus University
Dag Slettemeås, researcher, SIFO/Consumption Research Norway, OsloMet University 

The discussions will be led by Anette Novak, director, Swedish Media Council.


For questions, please contact Catharina Bucht, 


(The final program is under construction and will be published at a later point.) 


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