The Media Barometer


Nordicom-Sweden's Media Barometer

The Media Barometer provides unique data on the access to and use of different media types in the Swedish population aged 9-79 years, from 1979 onward.

The Media Barometer is an annual measure of the reach of various media in Sweden– i.e., the share of the population that partakes in radio, television, teletext, video, cinema, cassette recordings, CDs, mp3, morning newspapers, evening tabloids, weekly and monthly newspapers, magazines and books – presented for an average day during the year. Media use is measured irrespective of distribution technology; radio and television via the web and mobile telephones, web editions of newspapers, audiobooks and social media are all included.

The aim is to provide serial data that describe trends and changes in people’s media use. The measures are based on telephone interviews with a random sample of the population aged 9-79 years.




The report is in Swedish and can be ordered here.