External sources

Find additional information on the media. Sources listed include branch organisations, research departments and institutes, public authorities and media companies at national, Nordic, European and international levels.

Sanomalehtien Liitto, Tidningarnas förbund

Finnish Newspapers Association

Umbrella organisation for Finnish newspapers and publishers. Provides a wide variety of newspaper statistics. The data include members' publications (all dailies and most non-daily titles).

SCB – Statistiska centralbyrån

Statistics Sweden

National statistical institute. A statistical yearbook offers economic and demographic statistics. Publishes statistics on the ICT sector in Sweden regularly. Statistics and reports available online.

SCB, Statistiska centralbyrån

Statistics Sweden

National statistical office. Data on the Swedish information society, including access and use of ICT among individuals and enterprises. Also data on enterprises expenditure on IT.


Iceland Telecom

Icelandic telecommunications company. It also operates Skjárinn, a TV service provider in Iceland.

Slots- og Kulturstyrelsen, Mediernes Udvikling (rapport)

The Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces, The Danish Media Development (report)

An agency under the aegis of the Danish Ministry of Culture. In the media field, the Agency documents the Danish media development in Danish, with summaries in English available for download. The centre carries out tasks related to allocation of grant funds in the areas of radio, television and newspapers, and acts as secretariat for a number of boards, committees and councils within the areas of media, information servies and libraries, e.g. the Radio and Television Board (Radio- og tv-nævnet) and the Media Council (Medienævnet).


SOM Institute

 The SOM Institute has conducted surveys to collect research data and presented annual trend analyses on media habits and public opinion in Sweden since 1986. Every year, the SOM Institute conducts a number of independent studies – nationally, regionally and locally – in an effort to identify changes in the ways Swedes behave and feel about different things and why these changes occur. The SOM institute is an independent survey research organisation at the University of Gothenburg.

SSB – Statistisk Sentralbyrå

Statistics Norway

National statistical office. Online statistical database. Conducts the annual survey, Norsk Mediebarometer, which covers penetration and use of a wide range of mass media, available on the web. Statistics on massmedia and the ICT-sector in Norway. ICT statistics, including internet use surveys.

Statens medieråd

The Swedish Media Council

The Media Council is a government agency with the aims to reduce the risk of harmful media influences among minors and to empower minors as concious media users. The council covers all moving image media, i.e. the Internet, film, television, computer and video games. Publishes reports on children's and young people's media use. The classification of film is also within the scope of the Media Council.

Statens medieråd

The Swedish Media Council

The Swedish Media Council was founded January 1st, 2011, when the former Statens biografbyrå (National Board of Film Classification) merged with Medierådet (formerly also called The Swedish Media Council). The website includes a film database with all films classified since 1956 and information about the Swedish laws surrounding the film classification and a brief history.

Suomen Ääni- ja Kuvatallennetuottajat, ÄKT ry

Ifpi Finland

The Finnish trade organisation for the record industry. Offers online statistics on phonogram sales and market volume.

Suomen elokuvasäätiö, Finlands filmstiftelse

Finnish Film Foundation

Information and statistics about film production and distribution. The annual brochure 'Facts & Figures' presents key figures on film and cinema in Finland. The brochure also includes some data on DVD sales and rentals. Available on the website.

Suomen Filmikamari ry

Finnish Chamber of Films

Publishes comprehensive annual statistics on cinema film production, cinema distribution, attendance and cinema box office revenue statistics on video rentals and sales (in Finnish only).

Suomen Kustannusyhdistys ry, Finlands Förlagsförening

Finnish Book Publishers’ Association

Branch organisation for book publishers in Finland. Provides data on members' book production and book sales.

Svenska barnboksinstitutet, SBI

The Swedish Institute for Children's Books

SBI is a special library open to the public and an information centre for children's and young people's literature. Two of its aims is to be at the service of publishers, the media, libraries and other institutions and individuals and to assist in the provision of information on children's literature. The institute acts as an international contact body within the field. SBI publishes annual statistics on children's books.

Svenska Filminstitutet (SFI)

Swedish Film Institute

The Swedish Film Insitute publishes comprehensive annual statistics on cinema attendance and cinema film production. Statistics and a database on Swedish film productions available online. Annual reports and yearbooks.

Svenskarna och internet

Swedes and the internet

Annual survey by the Internet Foundation in Sweden (ISS) mapping change and development in internet use among the Swedish population. The main report is published online and as a PDF-file in Swedish. An English summary is available online.

Sveriges Tidskrifter

Branch organisation. Presents online information about their members' titles, and also provides information on the Swedish magazine market.

Taloustutkimus Oy

Market research agency. Provides data on internet use in Finland.

Telecommunication Markets in the Nordic and Baltic Countries

Online database providing comparable data on ICT services in the Nordic countries. The database is the result of a cooperation between the Nordic telecom regulatory authorities. The website also offers a report in English. The Baltic states are included from Spring 2014.

Television Audience Measurement Glossary (Nielsen)

The Nielsen company has here compiled a comprehensive resource of terms used in connection with TAM, television audience measurements.