External sources

Find additional information on the media. Sources listed include branch organisations, research departments and institutes, public authorities and media companies at national, Nordic, European and international levels.

Media development in Denmark reports

The Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces

Annual reports on the Danish media development in Danish. Extensive summaries available in English.

Media Management and Transformation Centre

The MMT Centre at Jönköping International Business School, focuses on questions involving changes in media market structures, transformation and restructuring of media industries. Publishes research publications and a newsletter on the website.

Media Perspektiven

Media newsletter with facts and analyses about the media in Germany. The publications are available in pdf-format on the website, together with other basic media data. (The website is in German only)

MEDIA Salles

MEDIA Salles is an initiative of the EU Media Programme with the support of the Italian Government. The website offers European cinema statistics, see European Cinema Yearbook.

Media Use in the Middle East 2014

Entertainment Media Use in the Middle East 2014 is a six-nation survey by Northwestern University in Qatar in partnership with Doha Film Institute. It explores  the use of entertainment media in the region and people's attitudes toward those media and the broader cultural environment. Special attention is given to film, television, and online and social media, as well as to questions of government regulation, cultural preservation, and children's media. Countries covered: Egypt, Lebanon, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates. (Published in April 2015)



A public information service that collects statistical information on Norwegian mass media from a variety of organizations and sources. Medianorway serves as an information service to the Norwegian research community and the general public. Publishes comprehensive information online.

Medierådet for Børn og Unge

Media Council for Children and Young People

The Media Council is part of the Danish Film Institute. Its primary task is to classify films and DVD’s for children over respectively 11 and 15 years of age. It has also an obligation to inform about children’s use of films and computer games. Publishes reports on children, youth and computer games. Information in English about the Media Council for Children and Young People.


Norwegian Media Authority

Administrative body under The Ministry of Culture. The authority monitors and regulates market conditions in the newspaper and broadcasting industries, examines and classifies films and video and other visual products (including computer and video games), is licensing authority for local radio and television and other broadcasting, administers subsidies for the press and other media subsidies schemes, etc. Publishes reports on the media market, economy and ownership on the Norwegian market.

Mennta- og menningarmálaráðuneytið

Ministry of Education, Science and Culture

Lists of current media regulation for the Icelandic media (Fjölmiðlun), culture and intelellectual property and private rights.

MMS - Mediemätningar i Skandinavien AB

Research company owned by the major TV broadcasting companies. Conducts TV-meter surveys. MMS publishes data in weekly, monthly and annual reports (available online), and in semi-annual Basundersökning. TV-programme audience data available through Hot Top and Hottopwebb online. (In Swedish only)

Modernus Web Measure

Coordinated web measures. Presents data on internet traffic for Iceland and the Faroe Islands.


Musiksverige is an association tasked with communicating and highlighting the music industry's key topics for discussion. Musiksverige has three primary areas of focus: copyright, the export of music and education issues. Publishes a report on the music industry in numbers (In Swedish)  (Information in English).

Myndigheten för kulturanalys

The Swedish Agency for Cultural Policy Analysis

The Swedish Agency for Cultural Policy Analysis, a government agency, assigned to evaluate, analyse and present the effects of proposals and steps taken in the cultural arena. This is to be done based on the cultural policy objectives. The agency carries out studies and evaluations to analyse  the cultural area. It also monitors and initiates research in the cultural field and develops and spreads knowledge and experience from itself and others.

Myndigheten för press, radio och tv

The Swedish Press and Broadcasting Authority

A state licensing and supervisory authority in the press, radio and television field. The authority keeps a register of all those undertaking transmissions under the Radio and TV Act . It also, on an e post facto basis, monitors the compliance of radio and TV program content with the provisions of the Radio and TV Act and the charters granted by the Government. Annual reports on media policy,  media economics, media consumption and on the content in Swedish radio and television channels. From January 2016 the Authority allocates the Swedish Press Subsidies.

Närradions riksorganisation

Community Radio Association

The Community Radio Association (Närradions riksorganisation NRO) is an organisation for community radio. More than 140 local channels are distributed in FM to smaller areas and towns throughout the country. In Spring 2015 Community Media Sweden (CMS), a new umbrella organization, was constituted by National Association of Open Channels (ROK) and Community Radio Association (NRO). [in Swedish only]


National Library of Norway

Maintains a register of all books and booklets published in Norway.

Neogames Finland

A member-based non-profit game industry organization, aiming to accelerate, coordinate and support the development of the Finnish game cluster. Presents market data on the Finnish game industry.

News Media Alliance

A non-profit organisation (originally known as the Newspaper Association of America) representing nearly 2,000 diverse news organizations in the United States and Canada.  Analysis and facts about newspaper media.

News Media Association

The Association of Britain's regional and local newspaper publishers. News, facts and figures about British regional and local press.

Nkom, Nasjonal kommunikasjonsmyndighet (tidligere Post- og teletilsynet)

Nkom, Norwegian Communications Authority (prev. Norwegian Post and Telecommunication Authority)

Authority with monitoring and regulatory responsibilities for the postal and telecommunications markets in Norway. Regulations and statistics in the fields of telecom, cable-tv, etc. Publishes annual report on the Norwegian market for electronic communication services (Det norske ekommarkedet), in Norwegian.