Upcoming issue

In the next issue of the journal Nordicom Information we will take a look at the much-used concept of openness and ask what it actually means in media and communication - theoretically, in practice, and concretely. To follow the theme the issue will be produced according to the principles of openness.

In the issue openness will be examined from a variety of different perspectives:

•    Open Science: what do Open Access, open data, open source, altmetry and open peer review mean for the media research?
•    Openness in the communication by the authorities: as the Nordic countries are regarded as models of openness, what good examples are there, and how does the culture need to be further developed?
•    Openness in journalism and media: how has openness contributed to the increase of quality - or has it?
•    Openness in organizational communication: how has openness become a recipe of success, and what failures have been done?
•    Open methods in investigative journalism and community arts: what have open projects based, for example, on crowdsourcing in journalism and arts accomplished, and what are the lessons learned? 
•    Open society: what can be benefited from tansparency?
•    Openness from individual standpoints: what kinds of experiences have individuals from open activities and how has openness been present at the individual level?
•    Openness as a strategy, performance and practice in different sectors of society: what does it actually mean to be for the openenss?

The issue will be released in May.  The planning stage is launched in January and the production goes on under the Spring.

Follow the process

To be part of the process you can leave commentaries or contribute to the issue with ideas! You can follow the process of the production of the issue on the following platforms: 

•    Our open documents - here you can find our lists of ideas!
•    On Instagram you can follow what is happening (@nordicominformation).
•    For news and notifications, follow Nordicom on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/nordicomnews!

The articles are written upon invitation but suggestions for topics and authors are warmly welcome. The articles will be written in English and in Scandinavian languages. Nordicom Information is an academic journal with a Nordic focus for all who are interested in media and communication (read more about the aims and scope here).

Of course, you can also present ideas privately by mailing the editor maarit.jaakkola@nordicom.gu.se.

For more information, please contact the editor Maarit Jaakkola: maarit.jaakkola@nordicom.gu.se, Twitter @maaritjii.