Nordicom Information

Established in 1979

Editors: Maarit Jaakkola (PhD, Nordicom Sweden)
Assistant editor: Ragnhild Mølster (PhD, Nordicom Norway)

ISSN 0349-5949

Nordicom Information is a periodic journal with an aim to create a meeting place for research, politics and the media and communication industry. It is published twice annually in the Nordic languages and in English, in print and online. The content is thematic, and depending on the theme, our ambition is to achieve a mixture of contributing writers from all the Nordic countries. 

As a rule, formally reviewed articles will not be published in the thematic issues. However, special thematic issues may be published in which researchers will have the opportunity to publish in their own languages, while undergoing a formal review process. In publishing such special issues, the initiative may be taken by Nordicom or by researchers who wish to collect Nordic research, reported in the Nordic languages, in a given field. Such issues may appear several times a year.

The annual subscription fee for the printed version of Nordicom Information is 250 SEK (not including VAT). For students and members of SMID, MEVI, NML and FSMK, an annual subscription costs 200 SEK (not including VAT). A subscription to Nordicom Information is included in the Nordicom Package.

Nordicom Information will be published as an open-access journal on the webpage.