The prime tasks of Nordicom as an institution are to publicize the findings of media and communication research and to document developments in the respective national media sectors of the Nordic countries. We do this through the publication of journals, anthologies, monographs, and statistical data and analyses.

Resultat från den svenska delen av den europeiska undersökningen EU Kids Online
Nordicom, 2011, 46 sid
Flerkanalpublicering i svenska mediehus
Nordicom, 2011, 175 sid
A Cross National Study of Leading News Media
Nordicom, 2011, 366 sid
Contributions to the Research Forum at the World Summit on Media For Children and Youth 2010
Nordicom, 2011, 275 sid
200,00 kr
Norden i Europa. Politik och trender
Nordicom, 2011, 59 sid
Formathandel, juridiskt skydd och branschpraxis
Nordicom, 2011, 163 sid
230,00 kr
Television Broadcasting in Smaller Countries
Nordicom, 2011, 231 sid
250,00 kr
28,00 EUR
News Journalists in Sweden and Germany
Nordicom, 2011, 192 sid
Towards the Threat Society
Nordicom, 2011, 224 sid
280,00 kr
30,00 EUR
Challenges for Media Policy
Nordicom, 2010, 167 sid
240,00 kr
25,00 EUR
Nordic Perspectives
Nordicom, 2010, 188 sid
240,00 kr
25,00 EUR
National Topographies of Global Media Landscapes
Nordicom, 2010, 256 sid
280,00 kr
30,00 EUR