The prime tasks of Nordicom as an institution are to publicize the findings of media and communication research and to document developments in the respective national media sectors of the Nordic countries. We do this through the publication of journals, anthologies, monographs, and statistical data and analyses.

A Nordic-Baltic Perspective on Media and Information Literacy
Nordicom, 2017, 108 sid
150,00 kr
15,00 EUR
Strukturförändringar och ekonomisk utveckling
Nordicom, 2017, 42 sid
Some Insights – Some Missing Links
Nordicom, 2016, 278 sid
Communication Across Media in Everyday Life
Nordicom, 2016, 159 sid
280,00 kr
32,00 EUR
Market-Driven and Democracy-Driven Freedom of Expression
Nordicom, 2016, 206 sid
280,00 kr
32,00 EUR
Journalism Education in the Nordic Countries
Nordicom, 2016, 334 sid
280,00 kr
28,00 EUR
Communication, Development and the Cultural Return
Nordicom, 2016, 266 sid
Nordicom, 2016, 87 sid
Ägare – företag – medier
Nordicom, 2016, 102 sid
Studies and reflections in the digital age
Nordicom, 2016, 199 sid
From the Analog to the Digital Era
Nordicom, 2016, 249 sid
Contributions to the Conference Media Education Futures in Tampere, Finland 2014
Nordicom, 2015, 301 sid
250,00 kr
28,00 EUR
A Panorama of Media Education in Brazil, Portugal and Spain
Nordicom, 2015, 279 sid
250,00 kr
28,00 EUR