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Conference | Nordic | 22 Nov 2016

Nordic Data Journalism - NODA17

Data journalism is changing journalism. New processes, products, and professional values are emerging ­ but data journalism also makes new cooperative efforts possible, enabling new types of agency. NODA17 is an annual meeting point for media trends, addressing digital journalists, reseachers and media companies.

NEWS | 9 Nov 2016

Global challenges for the Nordic media industry

Competition from global players in the advertising market is growing. But what consequences do the operations by, for instance, Google and Facebook have for media and journalism in the Nordic countries? This will be examined by Nordicom in a new study.

NEWS | 8 Nov 2016

Media VAT in the Nordic countries

The different value-added tax (VAT) rates for digital and print papers and books are under debate. Norway abolished VAT on digital news in March this year, but what is the situation in the other Nordic countries? Nordicom has mapped the VAT rates for the media sectors in the five Nordic countries.

NEWS | 1 Nov 2016

Half the world’s population is still offline

Internet access is approaching saturation in the developed world. At the same time, however, half the world’s population is still offline. Iceland and Finland are world leaders in Internet use and mobile broadband subscriptions, respectively. All this according to the report State of Broadband 2016.

NordMedia | 14 Oct 2016

NordMedia 2017: Call for temporary working groups

NordMedia 2017 conference invites proposals for new temporary working groups to complete academic discussions around the conference theme Mediated Realities - Global Challenges.
Proposals for temporary working groups with contact information of chairs and vice chairs and no more than 300 word must be submitted before 14th November.

NEWS | 21 Sep 2016

EU study: How do people access media content online?

A new Eurobarometer survey shows how 15- to 45-year-olds use the Internet to access media content. Finland, Denmark and Sweden top the league in using professional streaming services to access music, films and TV series online. Finland and Sweden also rank high in reading digital news via newspaper websites or apps.

NEWSLETTER | 7 Sep 2016

New issue of Media Trends in the Nordic Countries

The Nordic countries are increasingly mobile, the smartphone has become a given interface, and age stands out as an important factor for how media is consumed. These are some of the media trends reported in the new issue of Nordicom's Nordic newsletter.

NEWS | 5 Sep 2016

New Nordic knowledge centre for cultural analysis

A knowledge centre for Nordic cultural policy is underway. The project, commissioned by the Nordic Council of Ministers, is headed by the Swedish Agency for Cultural Policy Analysis. Compiling and harmonizing Nordic cultural statistics is one part of its mission.

NEWS | 5 Sep 2016

Suggestion for NRK's financing in Norway

An expert committee suggests that the financing for NRK, the Norwegian public service company, should be based on a licence fee (household fee), that should be platform-neutral, and include both linear and non-linear services.

Conference | 25 Aug 2016


The biannual NordMedia conference is arranged by the Nordic media research associations in cooperation with Nordicom and the host university. The conference was first arranged in Oslo in 1973, and has ever since been arranged by the Nordic countries in turn.

The NordMedia 2017 conference - the 28th - is hosted by University of Tampere between August 17th to 19th. The theme is 'Mediated Realities – Global Challenges'. .

The conference website is under construction.





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