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NEWS | 3 Jan 2018

Top five most read news in 2017

The Swedes' media use, the Nordic people’s TV habits and a special issue of the journal Nordicom Review is among the news highlights of 2017. We’re celebrating the new year with a top list and a review of the five most read news articles in 2017. 

NEWS | 27 Mar 2017

Reconstructing the website

We are reconstructing the news flows on our website. During the process there might be temporary flaws in usability or design. The work will be completed during Spring.

NEWS | 5 Jan 2017

Nordicom's top five media trends news in 2016

News on Nordic media companies, TV-viewing and young people's media use top the list of Nordicom's most read articles in the Media Trends section in 2016. Here are the five most read news.

NEWS | 9 Nov 2016

Global challenges for the Nordic media industry

Competition from global players in the advertising market is growing. But what consequences do the operations by, for instance, Google and Facebook have for media and journalism in the Nordic countries? This will be examined by Nordicom in a new study.

Ledig tjänst | 7 Nov 2016


Som forskningsinformatör på Nordicom arbetar du såväl nationellt som nordiskt och globalt. Arbetsspråket är skandinaviska eller engelska; det varierar mellan olika uppdrag.
Tjänsten är delad mellan två områden, där båda i huvudsak handlar om att föra ut den kunskap som produceras vid Nordicom. Det innebär att du kommer att arbeta mycket med vår webb, men också att självständigt utveckla vår omvärldsnärvaro.

Ledig tjänst | 6 Nov 2016


Som dokumentalist hos Nordicom arbetar du dels med vår relationsdatabas med nordiska medieforskare utifrån keywords, dels med den vetenskapliga tidskriften, Nordicom Review och att strukturera så kallade back issues, till internationella databaser.

NEWS | 2 Nov 2016

Extra funds to develop Nordicom’s media use survey

When the Swedish government’s budget for 2017 was presented in September, Nordicom was allocated an additional  500,000 SEK. This money will be used to develop Nordicom’s annual media use survey.

Nordicom | 29 Sep 2016

Meet Maarit Jaakkola - new employee at Nordicom

Nordicom welcomes a new colleague, Maarit Jaakkola. Maarit will mainly work as an editor of the scientific journal Nordicom Information and lead an annual study on the content in Swedish media. She brings with her broad experience as a researcher, teacher and journalist in Finland.


Nordicom Books Published Online Free-of-Charge

One of Nordicom’s main responsibilities — commissioned by the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Swedish Ministry of Culture — is to publish statistics and analyses about the media sector. In addition, Nordicom is mandated to publish relevant research anthologies. During winter 2015/2016 Nordicom began free-of-charge downloading of most publications.

Nordicom Review | 1 Apr 2016

Nordicom Review - Online First

Since its establishment in 1980, Nordicom Review has undergone major changes. Initially, the journal was a forum for specifically Nordic researchers in which to publish their research results. Today, Nordicom Review is no longer simply a regional journal, but holds its own with other research journals in the field of media and communication research. In order to better meet demands from researchers, publishing online first is now being launched.



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