Research Journals 4 Jul 2016

National research journals in the Nordic countries

Social Media and Political Communication, Social Media and Audience Participation, Bourdieu and the Media, and Journalism as an Industry are topics covered in the latest editions of some national scientific journals in the Nordic region.

Publications 1 Jul 2016

Forthcoming Publications

Two books are scheduled to be published by Nordicom in August / September




Publications 30 Jun 2016

Freedom of Expression, Public Service and Journalism in Conflict

Three Current Anthologies from Nordicom

Publications 30 Jun 2016

Nordicom Review and Nordicom-Information

The latest issues of Nordicom's journals

Project | Denmark 23 Jun 2016

Global players’ impact on the Danish media market

The Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces has initiated a project on international players’ impact on the Danish media market, its media providers and media supply. Special focus lies on Danish media companies’ opportunities to continue financing and producing Danish media content.