Conference 25 Aug 2016


The biannual NordMedia conference is arranged by the Nordic media research associations in cooperation with Nordicom and the host university. The conference was first arranged in Oslo in 1973, and has ever since been arranged by the Nordic countries in turn.

The NordMedia 2017 conference - the 28th - is hosted by University of Tampere between August 17th to 19th. The theme is 'Mediated Realities – Global Challenges'. .

The conference website is under construction.



NordForsk 25 Aug 2016

Open access in the Nordic countries

A new report from NordForsk presents the status of open access to research data in the Nordic countries, the EU and internationally.

Project 24 Aug 2016

Comparing gender and media equality

A cross-national study of the qualities, causes and consequences of gender equality in and through the news media has started by a research team at the University of Gothenburg.

Research Journals 4 Jul 2016

National research journals in the Nordic countries

Social Media and Political Communication, Social Media and Audience Participation, Bourdieu and the Media, and Journalism as an Industry are topics covered in the latest editions of some national scientific journals in the Nordic region.

Publications 1 Jul 2016

Forthcoming publication

Voice & Matter, edited by Thomas Tufte and Oscar Hemer, is scheduled to be published by Nordicom in August / September