EVENT | 10 Mar 2017

Forskarföreningarnas årliga konferenser

De nationella forskarföreningarna inom medie- och kommunikationsvetenskap håller årligen konferenser / årsmöten med aktuella teman. Under våren träffas medlemmarna i den finska och svenska medieforskarföreningarna.

EVENT | 25 Jan 2017

A Digital Afternoon at Yle

Welcome to a digital afternoon at Yle and a discussion with the Nordicom researcher community about Nordic PSM digital developments.

EVENT | 10 Jan 2017

Call for abstracts - NordMedia 2017

NordMedia invites you to submit abstracts and panel session proposals for the NordMedia 2017 conference that will be held on August 17 - 19, 2017 in Tampere, Finland. NordMedia is a biannual conference organized by Nordic media research associations in cooperation with Nordic Information Centre for Media and Communication Research NORDICOM.

NEWS | 2 Jan 2017

Media & viestintä 4/2016

Media & viestintä is one of the leading journal of media and communication research, and has been published since the 1970s.

Four issues per year covers a broad area of research in the articles, interviews, reviews and comments.
The articles are usually written in Finnish but with summary in English included.

Media & viestintä is published by the Finnish Media Research Association MEVI.

NordMedia | 14 Dec 2016

Welcome to NordMedia 2017

NordMedia 2017 conference is coming soon. Next summer media reseachers will meet again, this time in Finland. The School of Communication, Media and Theatre at the University of Tampere is honored to organize the next biannual NordMedia conference.

NEWS | 7 Dec 2016

New editor of Norsk medietidsskrift

A new issue of the Norwegian journal Norsk medietidsskrift is released. This is the last issue with Steen Steensen as editor. From 2017 Jens Barland will be the editor.

Conference | Sweden | 5 Dec 2016

Journalism and Terrorism

The Linnæus University, Kalmar, will organise an international conference on Journalism in a world of terrorism, 9-11 May 2017.

Nordicom Review | 28 Nov 2016

Nordicom Review continues to develop

In November 2016, Nordicom Review’s new editorial board was completed. This is one of many steps taken during recent years to further develop the journal into one of a clear international standard.

Conference | Nordic | 22 Nov 2016

Nordic Data Journalism - NODA17

Data journalism is changing journalism. New processes, products, and professional values are emerging ­ but data journalism also makes new cooperative efforts possible, enabling new types of agency. NODA17 is an annual meeting point for media trends, addressing digital journalists, reseachers and media companies.

Conference | Denmark | 16 Nov 2016

The Peoples’ Internet

Opening conference of The Peoples’ Internet in Copenhagen, Denmark, 6 December 2016.