About media research

Media and Communication Research in the Nordic countries

One main idea that guides Nordicom’s work is a conviction that publicizing the sum of research-based knowledge, and making the research widely accessible, contribute both to the fertility of future research and to the quality of discussions of public policy.

Journals and books

Nordicom strives to make Nordic voices heard in the global arena through our publication of books, primarily anthologies, and the refereed journal, Nordicom Review. With 2,400 subscribers to the print edition, 1,700 of whom are located in 130 countries outside the Nordic region, Nordicom Review is the most widely circulated publication in the field of Media and Communication Research worldwide. Nordicom also supports scientific discourse in the languages of the region through the quarterly, Nordicom-Information.

Research data bases

Nordicom’s data base, NCOM, is unique in that it encompasses published work, research in progress, past research projects, and contact data for all researchers and institutions that are active in the discipline. A separate file documents and describes all doctoral dissertations in the field in all five Nordic countries.
Another Nordicom data base documents Nordic research publications on media and communication published between 1975 and 2006.


The Calendar presents upcoming conferences in the field, including international as well as regional and national convocations. Nordicom documents the proceedings of the biennual Nordic conference for media and communication reseach, NordMedia, which has its own page.


Nordicom offers an overview of all the printed and open access journals in the field worldwide.
Links to research associations within the Nordic region and in the international arena are also provided.