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Global tech companies account for all digital advertising growth in the Nordic countries

Most commercial news media companies depend on revenue from advertisers to survive. But for many years now, the revenue has been decreasing, and global companies such as Google and Facebook are taking over the Nordic digital advertising markets. Nordicom is now launching the book Ad Wars, a unique study that analyses how the competition from global digital advertising platforms affects the possibilities of financing news journalism in the Nordic countries. 

New book about safety of journalists in focus at World Press Freedom Day

Journalists are threatened and killed around the world when exercising their right to freedom of expression. At the celebration of the World Press Freedom Day the book The Assault on Journalism. Building knowledge to protect freedom of expression will be launched. The book is one of the first global research work on safety of journalists. 

The book is the result of a collaboration between University of Gothenburg, UNESCO and the International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR).

The Media Barometer 2014

Almost six and a half hours!

That’s how much time an average Swede spends daily on media use

Every year the knowledge centre Nordicom at Gothenburg University conducts a survey on media use in Sweden: The Media Barometer. Results from the 2014 survey have now been published. One main finding is that children and youth spend most of their media time on social media, while middle-aged and older people still spend most of their time on scheduled television programmes.