EVENT | 5 May 2017

Digital Culture and Society Conference in Shanghai

Every second year, the Nordic Center in Shanghai is arranging a conference, providing a forum for researchers and practitioners to meet. This year’s conference will take place on October 19 – 20, 2017 and the theme is “Digital Culture and Society".  As a member university, those affiliated with the University of Gothenburg gets a discount on the participation fee.  

NEWS | 3 May 2017

Pre-publishing: #Sipilägate and the break-up of the political bromance

Today, on the World Press Freedom Day, Nordicom is pre-publishing the article #Sipilägate and the break-up of the political bromance – Crisis in the relationship between Finnish media and politicians. 


NEWS | 2 May 2017

World Press Freedom Index 2017

Reporters Without Borders has published its annual Press Freedom Index. Four Nordic countries top the list, but Finland slipped down from its number one position to third place due to political pressure on the national public service company YLE. Seen to the world’s global score, media freedom is under threat now more than ever.

NEWS | 27 Apr 2017

Nordic voices on freedom of expression

A new booklet highlights the challenges to freedom of expression, from a Nordic perspective.  It is produced by the Nordic Journalist Centre for the Nordic Council of Ministers and available as open access.

NEWS | 20 Apr 2017

More fact-based media coverage of alcohol and drugs

To increase the understanding between the ways journalists and researchers work, the Nordic Welfare Centre has published Missbruk av fakta? Alkohol och droger i medierna [Misuse of facts? Alcohol and drugs in the media]. The aim of the publication is to make the media coverage of alcohol and drugs more fact-based and nuanced. 

NEWS | 18 Apr 2017

Denmark: Timetable for a new media agreement

The Danish Government has set a timetable for the next media policy agreement. Starting in May, citizens, the industry and politicians will be invited to discuss future media content, production and distribution. A new agreement is expected to enter into force at the turn of 2018/2019.

NEWS | 18 Apr 2017

Study visit from the Baltic states

Shaping networks and exchanging experiences, nationally and globally, is important for the work of Nordicom. This time, we hosted a study visit from the Baltic states on the theme of Media and information literacy (MIL). 

NEWSLETTER | 5 Apr 2017

New issue of Media Trends in the Nordic countries

The effects of digitalization run as a thread throughout this year’s first Nordic newsletter. Research shows how, in the highly digitalized Nordic countries, there is a great change in media use as well as the advertising markets and financing of journalism.

NEWS | 5 Apr 2017

Great uncertainty about fake news in Norway

According to a recent study conducted by the Norwegian Media Authority, more than half of the members of the Norwegian population report reading, weekly or more often, news that they perceive to be untrue. Almost a quarter also say that they have shared news that they later realized was fake. 

NEWS | 5 Apr 2017

Mapping media literacy in Europe

A new report by the European Audiovisual Observatory maps practices and actions aimed at encouraging media literacy in the EU28. Initiatives to develop critical thinking and initiatives related to media use are identified as the two main trends.