NEWS | 4 Apr 2017

Swedish government wants more diversity in the radio sector

In Sweden, commercial radio permits refer to local broadcasting areas. Nevertheless, over time large radio networks have been created, with MTG and Bauer Media as the current dominating players. The Swedish government has now proposed allowing larger broadcasting areas, in order to promote diversity and competition in the radio field.

NEWS | 4 Apr 2017

Pay walls strengthened local newspapers’ ad potential

Norwegian local newspapers have strengthened their opportunities to earn online advertising revenue after having introduced digital subscription fees. This is reported in a new study by the BI Centre for Creative Industries (BI:CCI).


Book Release: Citizens in a Mediated World

New book release from Nordicom! The book Citizens in a Mediated World is discussing the meaning  of modern citizenship in a globalized digital media culture and how Media and Information Literacy (MIL) can contribute to promoting the rights of children and young people. 

NEWS | 31 Mar 2017

EU28 becoming as online as the Nordics?

While young people in the Nordic countries have been daily Internet users for many years, today older people are also becoming avid users. Compared to the EU average, young people in Europe are now on par with the young in the Nordics, while there are still major differences between older groups in the Nordic countries and the EU.

NEWS | 30 Mar 2017

TV viewing in the Nordic countries in 2016

Even though linear TV still attracts large audiences, the trend is clear: linear TV is decreasing while online TV is growing. And this is especially true for the young audience. This is shown in Nordicom’s compilations of 2016 TV data from the national survey institutes in the Nordic countries.

NEWS | 29 Mar 2017

New and exciting among the research literature

During 2016, a great deal of new literature was released in the field of media and communication research in the Nordic countries. To make it easier to navigate among the titles, Nordicom has put together a a list of selected research literature that was released in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden during 2016. 

NEWS | 28 Mar 2017

Education, age and gender determines how much we read

The Danish Book and Literature Panel has issued a report that maps the reading habits in the Nordic countries, as well as Germany and the UK. The report shows that education, age and gender influence how much we read – across the country boarders.  

PUBLICATIONS | 27 Mar 2017

The Media Barometer: First Results 2016


The first results of Nordicom’s annual report The Media Barometer shows that readers of daily newspapers continue to decrease, and the use of digital platforms is increasing. Watching TV online is getting more popular - especially among youths, who also spend more and more time on social media. 


NEWS | 27 Mar 2017

Reconstructing the website

We are reconstructing the news flows on our website. During the process there might be temporary flaws in usability or design. The work will be completed during Spring.

NEWS | 22 Mar 2017

New from the National Research Journals in the Nordic countries

The National Research Journals in the Nordic countries have all released new issues . The articles cover themes such as Norweigan film history, how social media can challenge notions of gender and family and the use of Twitter during the Boston Marathon bombings.