PUBLICATIONS | 14 Jun 2017

Being Old in the Age of Mediatization

Nordicom Review special issue A new special issue of Nordicom Review is out. This special issue examines media dynamics in the lives of older people and how these dynamics influence the perceptions of old age, ageing and older people.


NEWS | 12 Jun 2017

Media Pluralism Monitor Report 2016

The Media Pluralism Monitor has examined 30 European countries and finds that none of them is free from risks for media pluralism. The three Nordic countries in the survey – Denmark, Finland and Sweden – are reported as low-risk countries, but with warning signs due to a concentration in media ownership.

PUBLICATIONS | 12 Jun 2017

Cultural Journalism in the Nordic Countries

The role of cultural journalism has been important in the debates about freedom of expression, societal debate, and for journalistic autonomy and specialisation within media organisations. This new book, published by Nordicom, contributes to an emerging international research agenda on cultural journalism. 

NEWS | 12 Jun 2017

Rapid increase in media use among youth

Every other year, the Swedish Media Council conduct a survey, Ungar & Medier (Children & the media), that maps media use among children and youth in Sweden. The results from the 2016 survey show that the average time spent using media has increased rapidly during the last decade. Those youths that used to be classified as major consumers are more like today’s average consumers. 

NEWS | 19 May 2017

Women and men in the news 

The report “Women and men in the news”, made on behalf of the Nordic Council of Minister, shows that in all the Nordic countries women are clearly underrepresented in the news media both as news subjects and as sources of information and opinion. Furthermore, women and men are often represented in gender stereotypical ways. 

NEWS | 16 May 2017

Some results from the Media Barometer 2016

The Media Barometer 2016 shows that the use of media on the Internet is still increasing. For example, in 2016 we spent more time on social media as well as moving images on the Internet than 2015. However, despite the success of digital technology, it is important to emphasise that technology switches do not mean that the use of traditional media has decreased. Traditional radio and television are still the biggest media platforms.

NEWS | 15 May 2017

What should be done to improve the impact of media research beyond academia?

Nordic media professors replied to the question "What should be done to improve the impact of media research beyond academia?" to introduce this years first issue of Nordicom Information, that deals with the relationship between academia and the media industry. 

EVENT | 15 May 2017

NordMedia 2017

NordMedia 2017 conference in Finland is coming soon - deadline for papers is June 30.

NYHET | 9 May 2017

Call for chapters proposal: “Digital parenting"

The book Digital parenting: the challenges for families in the digital age focuses on the opportunities and challenges of digital media for families and changing parenting practices. 

NEWS | 9 May 2017

Norway: Continuing growth of online media use

Media use online is steadily increasing, according to data from the Norwegian Media Barometer 2016 survey. More Norwegians are reading the newspaper online, and streaming of both sound and video content is growing. At the same time, linear TV and radio remain at the same levels as the year before.