The Swedish Research Council | 12 Mar 2014

International Career Grant

The Swedish Research Council introduce a new research grant: International Career Grant, adressed to researchers early in their career. You can apply for an International Career Grant in all subject areas and the doctorate must be between two and seven years old on the closing application date.

NEWS | 6 Mar 2014

Men still dominate the boards in Swedish newspaper industry

[NORDICOM] Three of four board members in the Swedish daily newspaper companies are still men. As for CEOs, 84 per cent are men compared to 14 per cent women. This is shown in a Nordicom survey covering the Swedish daily press.

Reprinted | | 24 Feb 2014

Diffusion of the News Paradigm 1850-2000

  Diffusion of the News Paradigm 1850-2000, edited by Svennik Høyer & Horst Pöttker is now available in a reprinted version.The anthology was first published in 2005, and it is one of a few which compares the developments of news journalism cross-nationality. The anthology is topically centred on the news paradigm: its origin and diffusion over more than a century. It also contrasts the news paradigm with some of its opposites in journalism history.


NEWS | 14 Feb 2014

TV-viewing in the Nordic countries decreases

[NORDICOM] TV-viewing in the Nordic countries decreased in 2013. Denmark shows the largest change, while the situation in Finland is rather stable. This is shown in data from the national survey institutes, compiled by Nordicom.

Nordicom | 6 Feb 2014

A Wide Global Reach

Nordicom reaches users in 194 countries. The most downloaded publication is the scientific journal Nordicom Review. It also has a substantial number of subscribers, where the majority is outside the Nordic region. 

Research news | Norway | 6 Feb 2014

Academia and the media business in dialogue

During the second half of 2013, alumni-students from the Department of Information Science and Media Studies at the University of Bergen organized media science evenings at Litteraturhuset in Bergen. They created the events they felt were missing when they were students.

NEWS | 3 Feb 2014

"Streaming has become mainstream"

In Denmark TV is still a popular activity, but watching traditonal linear TV has decreased during 2013. At the same time an increase in watching streamed programmes is noted, according to a new report from DR Media Research department.

Nordicom | 23 Jan 2014

Nordic gender and media in focus

The media can hinder or hasten the development towards gender equality. During 2014 Nordicom is creating Nordic Gender & Media Forum, a platform for discussion about gender equality in the film, journalism, advertising and computer games.


NYHET | 20 Jan 2014

Swedes and the Internet 2013

While Internet use in Sweden has stabilized, there is a clear mobile breakthrough. The time spent on mobile internet has more than tripled in two years, according to a new report from .SE.