Here you will find lists of upcoming conferences in the field of media and communication research.

Please contact Karin Hellingwerf with details of current conferences in the field of media and communication.

29 Nov to 1 Dec 2018

New Orleans, United States

Literature/Film Association Annual Conference

We also have significant interest in general studies of American and international cinema, film and technology, television, and new media, and other cultural or political issues connected to the moving image. In addition to academic papers, presentation proposals about pedagogy or from creative writers, artists, and filmmakers are also welcome.

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6 Dec to 7 Dec 2018

Palermo, Italy

Eating Knowledge: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Food Information, Communication and Education

This conference aims to explore issues arising from the informational, communicational and educational practices which contribute to the circulation of knowledge about food. We seek to advance understanding of the processes of formulation, mediatization, circulation and reception of knowledge and norms relating to food, within different social environments (education, business, information activities, urban public places...) and within a variety of informational and communicational contexts, including public communication, popular science publications, informal blogs, journalism and advertising. 

9 Dec to 13 Dec 2018

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

IEEE Global Communications Conference SAC on Social Networks

Selected Areas in Communication Symposium in Social Networks will serve as a forum for researchers and technologists to discuss the state-of-the-art, present their contributions, and set future directions in social networks.

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13 Dec to 14 Dec 2018

Brussel, Belgium

What’s (the) News? Values, Viruses and Vectors of Newsworthiness

We invite participants to engage in a critical discussion of newsworthiness. Possible questions which can be addressed are: are there topics which are newsworthy by nature, which elements arouse most interest in human psyche, which stories and/or sources do journalists and their audience find worth sharing, how do news values vary between media types and news beats, how can journalists or news workers construct issues or events as interesting, what is the relation between newsworthiness and publishing platforms.

9 Jan to 11 Jan 2019

Stirling, Scotland

Continuity & Change – Media, Communications & Politics

The theme of the MeCCSA 2019 Conference is Continuity & Change – Media, Communications & Politics.  The theme is designed to address the role of traditional and digital media and communications in maintaining continuity and advocating for political change, whilst also speaking to specific anniversaries significant to Scotland, including the 20th anniversary of the Scottish Parliament.

15 Jan to 19 Jan 2019

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon Winter School for the Study of Communication

the 1st Lisbon Winter School for the Study of Communication aims to discuss the role of the media in populist formations. How populists and media practitioners interact, how populism is represented in the media and how it uses media to connect with supporters and marginalize individuals voicing political discontent in different countries and across different time periods needs closer attention. 

23 Jan to 24 Jan 2019

Gothenburg, Sweden

Behind the Paywall 2019

Nordicom invites the international research community to a two-day conference devoted to the paywall phenomenon. The conference will take place at the University of Gothenburg on January 23–24, 2019. More precise information regarding scheduling and venue will be circulated later. Deadline for extended abstracts (max 1,000 words) is November 15, 2018. Abstracts, including contact information to authors, should be submitted to Notices of acceptance will be given by November 30. 

1 Feb to 1 Feb 2019

Kuching, Malaysia

2nd ASEAN Academic Network International Conference on Media and Cultural Studies

2nd ASEAN Academic Network International Conference on Media and Cultural Studies. This conference a platform for both academicians and professionals from multi-disciplinary interests to meet and interact with members inside and outside their own particular disciplines. 

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ASEAN Academic Network

12 Feb to 14 Feb 2019

Jyväskylä, undefined

Ethnography with a twist

The ETHNOGRAPHY WITH A TWIST conference will bring together researchers from diverse disciplines in the humanities and social sciences, including media and communication studies. We welcome papers and panels that explore ethnographic research from a wide range of perspectives that reflect the variety of backgrounds and/or address personal and affective experiences of the researchers. The conference will provide an interdisciplinary arena for lively discussion and exchanges in an inspiring environment that allows ethnographic research to be approached without the weight of tradition and encourages thinking outside the box and the usual comfort zones in our respective fields.

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27 Mar to 29 Mar 2019

London, UK

2nd International Conference on Big Data and Education (ICBDE 2019)

ICBDE is expected to provide an opportunity for the researchers to meet and discuss the latest solutions, scientific results and methods in solving intriguing problems in the fields of Big Data and education.

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15 Apr to 16 Apr 2019

San Juan, Puerto Rico

V International Congress on Visual Culture

This congress proposes a dialogue between history and visual culture, in order to reflect “visually” issues applicable to that great reality called Latin America, such as political propaganda, the configuration of collective memories, the construction of the nation, the articulation of identities and subjectivities, among others, using the principle of scrutinizing the image from production to reception and consumption.

15 Apr to 18 Apr 2019

Athens, Greece

5th Annual International Conference on Communication and Management (ICCM2019)

The main purpose of this Annual International Conference is to bring together academics, students, researchers and professionals from different disciplines and cultural backgrounds, and encourage them to present their work, communicate, exchange and collaborate.

23 May to 25 May 2019

Gothenburg, Sweden

Towards Capability in Ageing – from cell to society

The 9th International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics – European Region congress. The theme 'Towards Capability in Ageing – from cell to society'  emphasizes our ability to perform actions in order to reach valued goals within the macro, meso, and micro contexts. The main track of the congress includes sessions on multidisciplinary aspects of aging in which we can meet and learn from each other.

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27 Jun to 27 Jun 2019

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

New Media and Digital Inclusion

The 6th International search conference 2019. Theme:  “New Media and Digital Inclusion: Embracing the 4th Industrial Revolution”. 

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26 Sep to 28 Sep 2019

Bonn, Germany

Fourth International Conference on Communication & Media Studies

2019 Special Focus: The Future of Democracy in the Digital Age

21 May to 25 May 2025

Future ICA Conferences

ICA is an academic association for scholars interested in the study, teaching and application of all aspects of human and mediated communication.
Future ICA conferences:
2019 - 23-27 May, Washington, DC
2020 - 21-25 May, Gold Coast, Australia
2021 - Denver, CO
2022 - TBD
2023 - Toronto, Canada

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