Here you will find lists of upcoming conferences in the field of media and communication research.

Please contact  Mia Jonsson Lindell with details of current conferences in the field of media and communication.

19 Apr to 19 Apr 2018

Lisbon, Portugal

Play2Learn: The GamiLearning Conference

This conference is the culminating event for GamiLearning offers an opportunity for scholars and practitioners to share their research findings and to enrich the dialogue about the role of games in the learning environment.

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19 Apr to 21 Apr 2018

Klagenfurt, Austria

Global mediatization research and technology

This conference thus invites scholars from wide international and interdisciplinary fields to examine one of the predominant queries concerning humans in today’s society and aims to provide insight and understanding into current psychological, cultural, sociological, political and media technological developments and concerns that relate to social as well as political and technological challenges we face. 

20 Apr to 20 Apr 2018

Lisbon, Portugal

2nd International Media Literacy Research Symposium

This conference focuses on: Media Literacy: Past, Present, and Future, Civic Media Literacy and Participatory Culture and Education: Digital Citizenship, Social Networking, Policy and Training. Conference plenary keynote is: Paul Mihailidis & Nico Carpentier

25 Apr to 29 Apr 2018

Bremen, Germany

Cinema Crossing Borders

The 23rd Bremen International Film Conference invites international experts to reflect on “Cinema Crossing Borders” as practices of border and cross-border cinema. The conference aims to explore all the varieties of analytical approaches to “Cinema Crossing Borders” and 
to enhance the debate/discussion on how cinema forms and informs our idea of borders.

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University Bremen

2 May to 4 May 2018

Bergen, Norge

Nordiske mediedager / Nordic Media Festival

Nordiske Mediedager er Nordens største årlige mediekonferanse. Tre stappfulle dager med faglig oppdatering og inspirasjon, presentert av topp fagfolk fra inn- og utland.

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Nordiske Mediedager

3 May to 5 May 2018

Freiburg, Germany

Cool Retro Camp Trash. Aesthetic Concepts in Popular Culture

The aesthetic quality of the popular is now undisputed. In fact, it can be argued that popular culture has become the dominant cultural paradigm of our days, which takes shape in music, film, literature, social media, fashion etc. In order to meet this cultural transformation with due attention, the aesthetic concepts of popular culture are to be scrutinized for the first time from a broad academic perspective. The aim of the conference is to illuminate how aesthetic concepts of popular culture come into being, are practiced, diffuse socially and develop normative quality.

10 May to 13 May 2018

Chicago, Illinois, United States

The Union for Democratic Communication 2018 conference

Theme: Media, Resistance, and Justice: The Fight for Humanity. This conference seeks to traverse the intersections of Media, Resistance, and Justice through presentations and conversations that offer insights and suggestions for advancing and securing a more democratic, just society.


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10 May to 13 May 2018

Chicago, United States

Media, Resistance, and Justice: The Fight for Humanity

Union for Democratic Communication Conference. This conference seeks to traverse the intersections of Media, Resistance, and Justice through presentations and conversations that offer insights and suggestions for advancing and securing a more democratic, just society. 

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Loyola University Chicago

10 May to 11 May 2018

Antalya, Turkey

International Media Research Symposium: From Traditional to Digital

Digital media contribute significantly in the contemporary skills of creating and transmitting images, sounds and texts. Aware of the field’s effective interaction capabilities, traditional media tools try to become involved in it through hashtags, audience questions and comments, video footage of every day people etc. This symposium aims to create an academic environment that will enable us to deal with media through the axis of traditional and digital, in a multidimensional way.

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Ege University /Antalya AKEV University

11 May to 12 May 2018

Montréal, Canada

Making Media Theory

We invite contributions that revisit the history of media studies in ways that draw attention to the importance of such media-based material experiments, non-traditional methodologies and practice-based initiatives. This colloquium is an occasion to revisit and restore the role of things and experimentation in the making of theory.

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11 May to 12 May 2018

Toronto, Canada

Spiral Film and Philosophy Conference 2018

The conference specifically seek papers that engage space and cinema beyond both the static and the merely representational. The focus should instead be on the dynamic way in which the visual tracing of movement allows both for the creation of space and the opening of new paths for thought.

16 May to 17 May 2018

Loughborough, United Kingdom

Changing the rules of the game? Examining the relationship between sport and media

This conference seeks to take stock of current developments in the field and critically assess new theoretical and methodological approaches. Of particular interest will be current debates around mediatization in understanding contemporary trends in the domain of sport.

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17 May to 19 May 2018

Vienna, Austria

Literary Journalism: Theory, Practice, Pedagogy

The Thirteenth International Conference for Literary Journalism Studies. The conference hopes to be a forum for scholarly work of both breadth and depth in the field of literary journalism, and all research methodologies are welcome, as are research on all aspects of literary journalism and/or literary reportage.

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Austrian Academy of Sciences, Institute for Comparative Media and Communication Studies

18 May to 20 May 2018

Kyoto, Japan

The Sense of Time in a Hyper-Mobile Digital Age

This conference aims to consider whether and how the perception of past, present and future has been transformed in a hyper-mobile digital age. Confirmed speakers include: Göran Bolin (Södertörn University), Marwan Kraidy (University of Pennsylvania), Shin Mizukoshi (University of Tokyo), Jack Qiu (Chinese University of Hong Kong). 


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19 May to 20 May 2018

Barcelona, Spain

International Forum For Communication Media, Social Science and Education Research

Annual international forum will discuss research advancements in communication and media, social sciences and education.

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21 May to 22 May 2018

Cardiff, United Kingdom

Data Justice

The collection and processing of massive amounts of data has become an increasingly contentious issue. Our financial transactions, communications, movements, relationships, all now generate data that are used to profile and sort groups and individuals. With the platformisation of digital media alongside governmental and corporate uses of citizen data, developments in AI, the Internet of Things, smart homes and smart cities, the systematic collection and analysis of massive data sets across our social life is being normalised and entrenched – what has been described as the ‘datafication’ of society. This conference will examine the intricate relationship between datafication and social justice by highlighting the politics and impacts of data-driven processes and exploring different responses. 

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Data Justice Lab, Cardiff University

21 May to 22 May 2018

Bologna, Italy

Media Mutations 10

Media Mutations, the international conference of studies on audiovisual media hosted by Dipartimento delle Arti of Università di Bologna, comes to its tenth edition. This conference’s theme is the impact of entertainment logics across different media, at a professional, cultural and social level. 


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Dipartimento delle Arti of Università di Bologna

22 May to 23 May 2018

Munich, Germany

Algorithms, Automation, and News

Algorithms and automation increasingly are connected to many aspects of news production, distribution, and consumption.
Original, unpublished papers to address such issues are invited to this international conference, to be held at the Center for Advanced Studies, LMU Munich — shortly before the ICA annual convention in Prague, not far from Munich.
Select papers from the conference will be published in a special issue of Digital Journalism as well as a proposed edited book. No conference fee.

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Institute of Communication Studies and Media Research, LMU Munich

23 May to 25 May 2018

Paris, France

I have a dream… Media, utopia and experiment

In a context of strong criticism of the media, including the accusation of bias – political and economic- this conference seeks to cross-examine the way in which media, rather, have been the flagship of social change, of how to conceive and fashion another world.

23 May to 25 May 2018

Southampton, United Kingdom

Doing Women's Film and Television History

Calling the Shots – Then, Now, and Next.

The conference will offer a space to think about the interconnectedness of the past, present and future in feminist historiography and theory, as well as across all forms of women’s film culture and filmmaking. It will also consider women’s film and television histories and their relationships with the contemporary, framed and read historically, to reflect on our methodological, theoretical, ideological and disciplinary choices when researching and studying women and/in film and television.

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