Here you will find lists of upcoming conferences in the field of media and communication research.

Please contact  Mia Jonsson Lindell with details of current conferences in the field of media and communication.

22 Mar to 24 Mar 2018

Newport News, United States

Global Status of Women and Girls

This interdisciplinary conference uses the tools of the arts, humanities, social sciences and other fields to address challenges faced by women and girls around the world, both historically and today. We invite scholars from all academic disciplines to submit proposals that explore these topics and shed light on women’s efforts to effect social change. Topics may include Women’s Activism in the Arts and Media, Cyber-Activism etc. 

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Christopher Newport University

26 Mar to 28 Mar 2018

Aberystwyth, United Kingdom

Researching Past Cinema Audiences: Archives, Memories and Methods

This conference offers a platform for both established and emerging scholars who share this desire to research past cinema audiences – prior to 2000 – through a wide range of investigative foci. Keynote: Professor Sue Harper, Portsmouth University, UK, Professor Daniel Biltereyst, Ghent University, Belgium


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26 Mar to 27 Mar 2018

Graz, Austria

Creative Bodies—Creative Minds

An international, interdisciplinary conference. Scholarly interest in creativity as a social and gendered phenomenon coincides with renewed interest in the body, embodiment and the material, championed by, among others, feminist new materialism, the sociology of emotions, cultural sociology, and sensory methodologies in qualitative research. The Creative Bodies—Creative Minds conference aims to bring these strands of inquiry together with a special emphasis on the interrogation of gender.

26 Mar to 28 Mar 2018

Helsinki , Finland

Helsinki Photomedia 2018

The fourth international photography research conference on Reconsidering the “Post-truth Condition”: Epistemologies of the photographic image. Welcoming submissions from all areas of photography research. Helsinki Photomedia 2018 offers various platforms, where artistic, philosophical, social, cultural, economical and technological approaches meet. Keynote: Professor Robert Hariman, Professor John Lucaites and Professor Barbie Zelizer. 

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27 Mar to 31 Mar 2018

Indianapolis, United States

Radio and audio media arena

The area invites papers and presentations on all aspects of radio and audio media, including but not limited to: radio history; radio programs and programming, radio literature studies; media representations of radio and audio media; rhetorical research; legal and regulatory policy; economics of radio and audio media; and radio and audio media technology. U.S., international, or comparative works are welcome.

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the Popular Culture Association / American Culture Association

28 Mar to 31 Mar 2018

Indianapolis, United States

Game Studies Area 2018

The conference will be covering all aspects of gaming, gaming culture and game studies. Proposals can address any game medium (computer, social, console, tabletop, etc) and all theoretical and methodological approaches are welcome.

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The Game Studies area of the National Popular Culture Association and the American Culture Association Conference

29 Mar to 30 Mar 2018

Bamberg, Germany

Cultures of Scandals – Scandals in Culture

2nd International Conference in Scandalogy: “Cultures of Scandals – Scandals in Culture”. With this overarching theme we attempt to consolidate two perspectives. On the one hand, we invite theoretical papers that help to shed light on the concept of scandal cultures. On the other hand, we are interested in case studies that illustrate the dynamics of scandalization in specific countries or cultures. We also invite submissions that are not limited to the academic field but deal with aspects of scandals and media.

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University of Bamberg, Department of Communication Studies

5 Apr to 7 Apr 2018

Bangkok, Thailand

Power of Media: Shaping the Future

The 4th World Conference on Media and Mass Communication. The process of communication has evolved since the inception of devices that has accounted for ease in message transfer mitigating errors that occurred traditionally. Media is considered to be the most vital component as it deals with information which is required to be adequate and timely imparted. The MEDCOM ’18 is believed to serve as that platform for knowledge transferring in relevance to the future of Media and Mass Communication.

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5 Apr to 7 Apr 2018

London, United Kingdom

Framing Space through Architecture and Film

This is the 2018 Annual Conference for art history and visual culture. The panel 'Framing Space through Architecture and Film' explores the mutually informing link between architecture and film in an effort to not only open up the limits of these methods of representation but also to look beyond what typically gets included within the history of art. Proposals may address the relationship between architecture and film through ontological comparisons, the framing and representation of space, and/or the phenomenological experience of mediated spaces.

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6 Apr to 6 Apr 2018

London, United Kingdom

Musical Perspectives on Migration, Networks and Borders

In the context of rapidly-changing models of consumption and patterns of identification that are occurring across the music industries, this event focuses on notions of boundary, flow and borders, and seeks to establish conceptual connections in relation to musicology, musical networks, and musical identities.  The event includes a key panel discussion with musicians, music journalists and academics.

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10 Apr to 14 Apr 2018

New Orleans, United States

AAG 2018: Platform Urbanism

Talk about ‘platforms’ is today all-pervasive: platform architecture, platform design, platform ecosystem, platform governance, platform markets, platform politics, platform thinking. Contributions may address a wide range of commercial and nonprofit platforms – including those related to social networking, user-generated content, location-based technologies, mapping and the geoweb, goods and services, marketing, and gaming – and their relationships with various forms of urban living and urban spaces.

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12 Apr to 13 Apr 2018

Istanbul, Turkey

Moving Images – Static Spaces: Architectures, Media, Film, Communication, Digital Art and Design

the conference welcomes various disciplines: architects, urban designers, press and media specialists, filmmakers, animators, video artists, sociologists, cinematographers, interior designers,  journalists, cultural theorists and more.

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12 Apr to 13 Apr 2018

Lugano, Switzerland

Exploring Media, Languages, Cultures and Borders in Switzerland and Europe

The SACM-SGKM 2018 conference will examine key communication and media issues affecting Switzerland and its European neighbours. The conference will bring together Swiss and international academics, each providing a rich set of insights about how international communication events and issues are shaping contemporary national research in to media, cultures, languages, borders and identity.

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13 Apr to 13 Apr 2018

Madrid, Spain

2nd Conference on Historical Game Studies

The Second Conference on Historical Game Studies will preserve the same objectives as its predecessor. Its main goal is to provide a space for the discussion, dissemination and generation of collective knowledge about digital remediations of the past in entertainment software.

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13 Apr to 14 Apr 2018

Madrid, Spain

Condition of Contradiction

Condition of Contradiction: Implications for Globalization, Identity & Culture. The conference will attempt to sort out and tentatively make sense of the current condition of deeply inscribed contradiction through interdisciplinary dialogue. Scholars of communication and mass media, political science, literature, sociology, philosophy, ethnography global studies—anyone with interdisciplinary interests and bona fides—are invited to join in.

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17 Apr to 19 Apr 2018

St. Petersburg, Russia

Comparative Media Studies in Today’s World

Theme for 2018: Emotions vs. Rationality in Mediated Discussions. The conference is seeking contributions that deal with rationality, irrationality, emotions and affects in mediated communication.

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St. Petersburg State University

18 Apr to 20 Apr 2018

Aarhus, Denmark

Cultures of participation - arts, digital media and politics

In order to provide a multifaceted take on the subject, the conference is organized around three themes, which each addresses the topic from different standpoints: 1) Participatory art & aesthetics, 2) Digital media & technology, 3) Cultural policy & participation. The conference aims to discuss the potentials and problems of cultural participation by bringing these important, but often disconnected research fields into dialogue with each other.

18 Apr to 20 Apr 2018

London, United Kingdom

Media Industry Studies: Current Debates and Future Directions

This conference is providing an international and interdisciplinary forum for reviewing the past and present state of media industry studies, and defining the future of the field.

19 Apr to 20 Apr 2018

London, United Kingdom

Lights, camera, learning: teaching with the moving image

To mark our seventieth anniversary in 2018, Learning on Screen together with Birkbeck, University of London is pleased to announce a two-day conference exploring the history of teaching and learning with the moving image.

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19 Apr to 21 Apr 2018

Portland, United States

What is Universe? Communication • Complexity • Coherence

The What is Universe? (2018) conference experience examines communication, complexity/simplicity, coherence/incoherence and, how they may or may not contribute to “a pluralistic universe.” This conference marks the third collaboration among scholars from the natural 
and social sciences, communication, media, law, design, and art.