Here you will find lists of upcoming conferences in the field of media and communication research.

Please contact  Mia Jonsson Lindell with details of current conferences in the field of media and communication.

11 Oct to 13 Oct 2018

Montreal, Canada

AoIR2018: Transnational Materialities

The overarching theme of AoIR2018 will be Transnational Materialities. The theme is broadly rooted in the burgeoning implications of current massive global migrations of people and data, within the context of a growing materialist movement in cultural and media studies, media archaeology, software studies, science and technology studies, feminist materialism, object oriented ontologies of post-humanist philosophy, critical political economy, actor-network theory, and the like.

11 Oct to 13 Oct 2018

Prague, Czech Republic

CEEGS 2018: Ludic Expressions

The fifth annual CEEGS conference wants to bring focus to the expressive potential of digital and non-digital games. It aims to explore what - and how - is expressed through games and how players interact with and interpret ludic expressions in their own practices.

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17 Oct to 19 Oct 2018

Madrid, Spain

Cinema, TV and Popular Culture in the 1990s: Spain-Latin America

An International Conference focusing on Cinema, TV and Popular Culture in the 1990s with an emphasis on Spain-Latin America. 

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18 Oct to 19 Oct 2018

Bodø, Norway

Medieforskerkonferensen 2018

Det nye medielandskapet – blindsoner og mangfold Informasjon og program kommer.

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18 Oct to 20 Oct 2018

Madrid, Spain

RIPE@2018: Universalism and Public Service Media

The RIPE@2018 conference theme focuses on challenges and opportunities in achieving the universal service mission in the era of media abundance. The conference happens over 2.5 days with a welcoming reception the night before the first day and the inaugural RIPE General Assembly on the afternoon of the third day. The GA will deliberate on a new leadership structure for the initiative going forward. The conference language is English.

18 Oct to 19 Oct 2018

Berkeley, United States

Third International Conference on Communication & Media Studies

The Third International Conference on Communication & Media Studies features research addressing the following annual themes: Media Cultures, Media Theory, Media Technologies  and Processes, Media Business, Media Literacy. 

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19 Oct to 20 Oct 2018

Cluj-Napoca, Romania

International film and media studies conference

Connected to our new exploratory research project  “Rethinking Intermediality in Contemporary Cinema: Changing Forms of In-Betweenness” funded by the UEFISCDI, and following up on the topics of our previous conferences, we would like to bring into focus the idea of “in-betweenness” set in a wider context of contemporary visual culture, and to re-evaluate its relevance regarding the state of the art in researches on intermediality.

25 Oct to 27 Oct 2018

Berlin, Germany

Youth presents Congress 2018: Visual Knowledge in Education and Science

The education initiative Youth presents (Jugend präsentiert) is organizing a congress to explore the topic of “Visual Knowledge in Education and Science”. The congress aims to thoroughly examine and discuss the influence of visuality on teaching and knowledge communication.

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26 Oct to 26 Oct 2018

London, United Kingdom

Anti-social media? The big issues

This is the annual Institute of Communication Ethics conference 2018. The conference will examine the many issues:-for instance, the economics, the politics, the shift in civil and civic conversation and the allegations over subverting the democratic process in the West. In short, the ethical space it inhabits.

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27 Oct to 29 Oct 2018

Taipei, Taiwan

Asian Congress for Media and Communication

The proposed theme of the 2018 conference is Examining the Socio-Political Economy of Communication and it seeks to initiate a discourse on the paradoxes brought about by these challenges to massmedia and communication as a result of the emerging social media and
the changing socio-political economy of media institutions.

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31 Oct to 3 Nov 2018

Lugano, Switzerland


The seventh European Communication Conference (ECC2018) will be  hosted by the Faculty of Communication Sciences, Università della Svizzera italiana.
The conference theme is  Centre and Periphery. Communications, Research, Translation.

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1 Nov to 3 Nov 2018

Porto, Portugal

Literacy Summit: Practice x Science x Technology

The European Literacy Network (ELN) is pleased to invite all those interested in literacy, that includes media and digital literacy, to participate in the 1st Literacy Summit. 

1 Nov to 2 Nov 2018

Media Education Summit 2018

The International Media Education Summit will take place at Hong Kong Baptist University, November 1st and 2nd 2018. The call will be announced on Nov 1st 2017 at Keynotes confirmed so far – Feargal Keane, Sarah Jones, Donna Chu.

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1 Nov to 3 Nov 2018

Akdeniz, Turkey

Communication Trends in the Digitalised World

This is the 3rd International Media Studies Symposium and the main theme has been determined as “Communication Trends in the Digitalised World”. Different perspectives from several disciplines will lead the way to the in-depth deliberations of the field of communication in the digitalised world in this Symposium, which will take place with the participation of the academics and practitioners with diverse experiences and vast knowledge in both national and international scope. The main objective of this Symposium is to provide an outstanding opportunity for attendees to examine communication as an interdisciplinary field by focusing on its aspects in the digital world, and to discuss the related questions and problems by making considerable theoretical contributions to the field of communication.

3 Nov to 4 Nov 2018

Ninth International Conference on the Image

We invite proposals for paper presentations, workshops/interactive sessions, artistic works, virtual lightning talks, virtual posters, or colloquia addressing one of the following themes: Theme 1: The Form of the Image, Theme 2: Image Work, Theme 3: The Image in Society. 2018 Special Focus - Artificial Images and Visual Intelligence: Seeing in the Age of Big-Data. 

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7 Nov to 11 Nov 2018

York, United Kingdom

The Aesthetica Short Film Festival

The Aesthetica Short Film Festival is a major UK and international film festival. It is an important outlet for moving image and digital culture, creating a platform to champion short film internationally. The festival holds talent development at its core and leaves a lasting legacy by inspiring innovation in film. Its seventh edition ran over an unprecedented five day period, providing even more opportunities for talent development, networking and inspirational film viewing.­

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8 Nov to 9 Nov 2018

Stockholm, Sweden

1st International Media and Nostalgia Network Conference – IMNN

"Nostalgia ...Again? Communicative forms and practices of nostalgia: conceptual, critical and historical perspectives" The first IMNN conference aims to critically investigate the contemporary epistemology and ontology of nostalgia by providing new perspectives, theories, and research methods. The ambition is to inform our understanding of the numerous contexts that have been, currently are, and might become relevant for understanding nostalgia, while at the same time discussing the significance of media and communication in these changing contexts on a local, transnational, and global scale.

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8 Nov to 9 Nov 2018

Arad, Romania

4th International Conference ComSymbol

Theme: "Believe in Technology: Mediatization of the Future and the Future of Mediatization".  The 4^th International Conference ComSymbol aims at identify, emphasize and question the characteristics and issues of the mediatization of mankind and society’s future in the specific context of believes and dogmas of faith in technology.

9 Nov to 10 Nov 2018

Barcelos, Portugal


2nd International Conference on Design and Digital Communication. The organizing committee of DIGICOM invites all designers, researchers, scholars and students to submit an original paper (written in Portuguese, English or Spanish) in the field of Design and Digital Communication. 

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9 Nov to 10 Nov 2018

Ghent, Belgium

New Approaches to Early Cinema

Rethinking the Attractions-Narrative Dialectics:New Approaches to Early Cinema. This conference seeks to both critically reflect on the continued use of the concepts of attraction and narrative in our accounts of early cinema and to pursue new avenues for exploring this period. Theoretical, historical, computational, and methodological proposals are all welcome.

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