Here you will find lists of upcoming conferences in the field of media and communication research.

Please contact Karin Hellingwerf with details of current conferences in the field of media and communication.

17 Oct to 19 Oct 2018

Madrid, Spain

Cinema, TV and Popular Culture in the 1990s: Spain-Latin America

An International Conference focusing on Cinema, TV and Popular Culture in the 1990s with an emphasis on Spain-Latin America. 

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17 Oct to 17 Oct 2018

Karlstad, Sweden

Satire as Perspective on the Contemporary

The Research Group for Culture Studies, KuFo, invites interested researchers to take part, with or without presentation, in the workshop Satire as Perspective on the Contemporary.
The workshop will take place on Wednesday 17 October 2018, 10.15-17.30, in Minerva, Building 12, at Karlstad University, Karlstad, Sweden.
The workshop is interdisciplinary, and is intended for researchers who engage with satire from different perspectives.

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KuFo, The Research Group for Culture Studies at Karlstad University

17 Oct to 19 Oct 2018

Athens, Greece

Media, industries, storytelling, communities

The main objective of this conference is to question, in a critical and international perspective, the dissemination of this rhetoric, the political issues and socio-economic models concerned and emerging in distinct fields: cultural industries, creative industries, but also in other industrial sectors, public institutions and associations.

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18 Oct to 19 Oct 2018

Mersin, Turkey

International Symposium on Communication in The Digital Age

Digital age conduces radical changes in the field of communication. Besides conventional ones, new mediums get involve in our daily lives with different narrations. Today, new paradigms have emerged as a result of convergence.  International Symposium on Communication in The Digital Age aims to discuss this process in interdisciplinary perspective together with its conceptual and practical consequences.

18 Oct to 19 Oct 2018

Berkeley, United States

International Conference on Communication and Media Studies

We invite proposals for paper presentations, workshops/interactive sessions, posters/exhibits, virtual lightning talks, virtual posters, innovative showcase, or colloquia addressing one of the following themes: Media Cultures, Media Theory, Media Technologies and Processes,  Media Business and Media Literacies. 

18 Oct to 19 Oct 2018

Helsinki , Finland

Politics of Participation

This two-day symposium interrogates the concept of participation, as articulated in contemporary political, economic and organizational forms, from a language-oriented perspective. To this end, the symposium gathers scholars from across the social sciences whose work takes a language-focused perspective on “participation” in democratic politics and governance, finance and commerce, education, and media and communications.

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Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies

18 Oct to 20 Oct 2018

Madrid, Spain

RIPE@2018: Universalism and Public Service Media

The RIPE@2018 conference theme focuses on challenges and opportunities in achieving the universal service mission in the era of media abundance. The conference happens over 2.5 days with a welcoming reception the night before the first day and the inaugural RIPE General Assembly on the afternoon of the third day. The GA will deliberate on a new leadership structure for the initiative going forward. The conference language is English.

18 Oct to 19 Oct 2018

Bodø, Norway

Medieforskerkonferensen 2018

På grunn av endringer i den globale konkurransesituasjonen utfordres nyhetsmediene fra flere hold, og medielandskapet endres. Mediene må rasjonalisere, tenke nytt både om innhold og form og etablere nye samarbeidsformer og nye inntektskilder. Endringene kommer dels som følge av ny teknologi og nye brukermønster, mens også fordi tradisjonelle forretningsmodeller har falt bort, og nye medieaktører har entret mediemarkedet. Vi ønsker å belyse bredden av slike problemstillinger ved at forskere fra inn og utland presenterer sine ferskeste forskningsresultat om blindsoner og demokratiunderskudd, om sosiale medieaktører, mediebilder av terror og mangfold i journalistikken.

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Norsk medieforskerlag

19 Oct to 19 Oct 2018

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Contemporary Developments on Media, Culture and Society: Argentina and Latin America

This conference will focus on different aspects of communication, media, and cultural goods and services in the areas of journalism, entertainment -cinema, theater, television, music, etc. - advertising and marketing, public relations, social media, and video games, among others.

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19 Oct to 20 Oct 2018

Cluj Napoca, Romania


Connected to our new exploratory research project “Rethinking Intermediality in Contemporary Cinema: Changing Forms of In-Betweenness” funded by the UEFISCDI, and following up on the topics of our previous conferences, we would like to bring into focus the idea of “in-betweenness” set in a wider context of contemporary visual culture, and to re-evaluate its relevance regarding the state of the art in researches on intermediality.

19 Oct to 20 Oct 2018

Cluj-Napoca, Romania

International film and media studies conference

Connected to our new exploratory research project  “Rethinking Intermediality in Contemporary Cinema: Changing Forms of In-Betweenness” funded by the UEFISCDI, and following up on the topics of our previous conferences, we would like to bring into focus the idea of “in-betweenness” set in a wider context of contemporary visual culture, and to re-evaluate its relevance regarding the state of the art in researches on intermediality.

19 Oct to 20 Oct 2018

Dublin , Ireland

Critical Media Literacy

With societies experiencing a widespread loss of trust in ‘surveillance capitalism’, how can a genuinely critical media literacy help to analyse and transform the relationship between personal and civic data and corporate profit? What alternatives — social, political, economic and technological — already exist, and what further innovations can we generate?

Proposals are welcome from various disciplines, on themes including but not limited to: computation for social, gaming and information networks; participation and engagement; legacy media in perpetual ‘crisis’; social-media institutions and platforms; and pedagogy in and beyond media studies.

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The Centre for Critical Media Literacy (CCML) at Dublin Institute of Technology

24 Oct to 25 Oct 2018

Leicester , UK

Surveillance, Social Media, & Identity

This conference examines the ways in which mediated identity is constructed and monitored, which can encompass the circulation of communal identity, the reproduction of gendered personas, and the role of state and corporate formations in the segmentation of individuals through their political allegiance and ‘lifestyle’ choices. It also engages with recent revelations that describe the attempted manipulation of opinion and electoral preferences, and the rise of forms of surveillance designed to pre-empt the supposed ‘radicalisation’ of disaffected groups.

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Organiser Media Discourse Centre, MeCCSA Social Movements Network

24 Oct to 26 Oct 2018

St.Petersburg, Russia


The international conference on Internet Science aims at progressing and investigating on topics of high relevance with Internet’s impact on society, governance, and innovation. It focuses on the contribution and role of Internet science on the current and future multidisciplinary understanding of societies transformations, governance shifts and innovation quests. Its main objective is to allow an open and productive dialogue between all the disciplines which study the Internet as a socio-technical system under any technological or humanistic perspectives.

24 Oct to 31 Oct 2018

Global Media and Information Literacy Week 2018

Global MIL Week, commemorated annually, is a major occasion for stakeholders to review and celebrate the progress achieved towards “MIL for all”. It is a cap and aggregator for MIL-related events and actions across the world leading up to this Week. Together with its Feature Events, Global MIL Week calls for local events around the world to promote MIL connections across disciplines and professions. These include intergovernmental organizations, education institutions, technological intermediaries, development organizations, associations, NGOs, research groups, educators, media professionals, library and information professionals, policy makers, regulators, and practitioners around the globe.

Global MIL Week 2018 will highlight that smart, sustainable cities must also be media and information literate cities (MIL Cities).

  • Feature Conference 24-25 October, 2018, Kaunas, Lithuania
  • The UNESCO Chair on MIL at the University of Latvia will host the Youth Agenda Forum that will take place in Riga, Latvia on 26 October.

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25 Oct to 26 Oct 2018

Moscow, Russia

Digital Transformations of Mass Media: Regional, National and Global Aspects

Given such noticeable transformations of media, we encourage conference participants to discuss current state of media and look into possible trends of media industry’s development in both global and national contexts. Furthermore, we invite presentations discussing the state of regional and local media in Russia, media production and distribution processes abroad and other issues that have rarely been in the spotlight of researchers before. Lastly, we welcome researches discussing the impact of television upon print media as well as new media under current digitalization and multimedization processes.

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25 Oct to 27 Oct 2018

Berlin, Germany

Youth presents Congress 2018: Visual Knowledge in Education and Science

The education initiative Youth presents (Jugend präsentiert) is organizing a congress to explore the topic of “Visual Knowledge in Education and Science”. The congress aims to thoroughly examine and discuss the influence of visuality on teaching and knowledge communication.

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26 Oct to 26 Oct 2018

London, UK


Social media is supposed to be the big liberator and democratiser of our era; the platform for everyone to use-and abuse. But have we created our own digital monster full of ‘fake news’, bile, bullying, bots, trolling and more? Is ‘social media’ precisely the opposite?

This is the focus of this year’s conference which also includes the launch of a new book, /‘Anti-Social Media?’./

Email if you’re interested in attending.

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Institute of Communication Ethics

26 Oct to 27 Oct 2018

London, UK


Populism is on the rise across the world. The elections of /Fidesz/ government in Hungary in 2010 and the /Law and Justice/ party in Poland in 2015, the shocks of Brexit and Trump in 2016 as well as the recent elections in major European states, including Austria, Italy, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden, have brought right-wing populist parties closer to power and presented them with an opportunity to shape policy. While there has been much discussion on different political aspects of populism, its persistent attacks on legal institutions of liberal democracy, its likely causes and consequences, our two-day symposium explores the communicative strategies and populist discourses of the ‘people.

26 Oct to 26 Oct 2018

London, United Kingdom

Anti-social media? The big issues

This is the annual Institute of Communication Ethics conference 2018. The conference will examine the many issues:-for instance, the economics, the politics, the shift in civil and civic conversation and the allegations over subverting the democratic process in the West. In short, the ethical space it inhabits.

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