Here you will find lists of upcoming conferences in the field of media and communication research.

Please contact Karin Poulsen with details of current conferences in the field of media and communication.

25 Apr to 30 Apr 2017

Nottingham, UK

Digital Media and the Spatial Transformation of Public Contention

The proposed workshop explores and theorizes how the rise of online platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Tumblr, is affecting the spatial configuration of public contention. The goal is to create a cross-disciplinary network of scholars to develop a new dynamic conception of publicness.
The ECPR is a membership association for academic institutions concerned with the teaching and research of political science and international relations.

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The European Consortium for Political Research / ECPR

30 Apr to 30 Apr 2017

Dublin, Ireland

European Data and Computational Journalism

This conference aims to bring together industry, practitioners and academics from the fields of journalism and news production, information, data, social and computer sciences, facilitating a multidisciplinary discussion on these topics in order to advance research and practice in the broad area of Data and Computational Journalism

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1 May to 4 May 2017

Jakarta, Indonesia

World Press Freedom Day 2017

At a time described by some as critical for journalism, World Press Freedom Day 2017 will focus on why it is vital to strengthen free and quality journalism to enable the media to effectively contribute to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 16. Specifically, the interrelationships between freedom of expression, justice for all and the rule of law, peace, and inclusiveness will be explored.

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3 May to 4 May 2017

Jakarta, Indonesia

World Press Freedom Day Academic Conference: Safety of Journalists

This conference is a special academic session held alongside UNESCO’s observance of World Press Freedom Day 2017 in Jakarta.

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4 May to 5 May 2017

Osijek, Croatia

Media and Media Culture - European Realities

Theme of this meeting relates to the modern media and media culture (media policies, media ethics, media literacy, new media, media markets, European media space, etc.)
Organized by: Department of Cultural Studies, University of Osijek, Academy of Arts Osijek, Institut of Social Sciences Ivo Pilar, Stuttgart Media University, Faculty of Mass Media Communication, University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius Trnava.

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Department of Cultural Studies, Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek

5 May to 5 May 2017

Liverpool, UK

Reporting Poverty

Papers are invited for a one-day conference on the theme of reporting poverty in the media. Paper proposals on press, radio, television, film, and new media of all nationalities, shedding new light on the reporting of poverty are welcome.

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Journalism Department, Liverpool John Moores University

6 May to 6 May 2017

Coventry, UK

Broadcasting War

This workshop will bring together scholars interested in how war has been broadcast to the public in the 20th and 21st centuries.

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University of Warwick

6 May to 6 May 2017

London, UK

The Digital Everyday: Exploration or Alienation?

This international conference aims at exploring the digital everyday, understood as the transformation of everyday life practices brought about by digital technology.

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Kings College London

8 May to 9 May 2017

Athens, Greece

ATINER 15th Annual International Conference on Communication and Mass Media

The Athens Institute for Education and Research (ATINER), a world association of academics and researchers based in Athens, organizes its 15th Annual International Conference on Communication and Mass Media.

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The Athens Institute for Education and Research / ATINER

9 May to 10 May 2017

Pori, Finland


GamiFIN is a meeting place where researchers, industry and experts present results from their latest work regarding gamification, technology, media and digital culture for the future society. The conference is organised by the University Consortium of Pori and supported by Tampere University of Technology and University of Turku.

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University Consortium of Pori

9 May to 12 May 2017

Karlstad, Sweden

Geomedia 2017: Spaces of the In-Between

Geomedia 2017 provides an interdisciplinary arena for research carried out at the crossroads of Geography, Media and Film Studies. The aim of the conference is to map out the current terrain of communication geographical research, pinpointing its main areas of debate and assessing the prospects of communication geography as a more formalized academic field.

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Karlstad University

9 May to 11 May 2017

Kalmar, Sweden

Journalism in a World of Terror

The Media Institute Fojo in cooperation with the Institution for media and journalism at the Linnaeus university arrange a conference for  journalists and media researchers in Kalmar, Sweden: Journalism in a world of terrorism – terrorism in a world of journalism.
Keynote speakers, May 9. This day is open to the public:
Daya Thussu, professor at Westminster University, Courtney C Radsh, Advocacy director of Committee to protect journalists, Can Dündar, editor in chief of Turkish Cumhuriyet, Christian Christensen, Professor of Journalism studies, Stockholm University, Walid Al-Saqaf, Department of Media Studies, Stockholm University,  Suvojit Bandopadhyaya, School of Language, Social and Political Sciences, Media and Communication, University of Canterbury, New Zealand.

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FOJO Media Institute and Linnaeus University

9 May to 9 May 2017

Lovain, Belgium

Public Authorities, Print Press and Digital Transition

What are the possibilities for small states to help newspapers and magazines challenged by international giants like Facebook and Google on the markets of online news and advertising? This question, among others, are raised at this symposium with the subheading 'The Case of Small Media Markets in Europe?'

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The Research Observatory on Journalism and Media (ORM) of the Catholic University of Louvain

9 May to 10 May 2017

Louvain-la-Neuve , Belgium

The Role of States in the Digital Transition

A conference aiming at understanding the role States play in the digital transition of the print media in small markets in Europe and America.
The conference is organized by the Observatoire de Recherche sur les Médias et le journalisme (ORM - Research Committee on the Media and Journalism) of the UCL (Catholic University of Louvain).

10 May to 12 May 2017

Bergen, Norway

Nordiske mediedager / Nordic Media Festival

Nordiske Mediedager er Nordens største årlige mediekonferanse. Tre stappfulle dager med faglig oppdatering og inspirasjon, presentert av topp fagfolk fra inn- og utland.
Påmeldingen åpner 1.februar.

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Nordiske Mediedager

11 May to 13 May 2017

Halifax, Canada

The 12th International Conference for Literary Journalism Studies

The annual meeting of IALJS is an international conference devoted to the scholarly study, teaching, and practice of literary journalism.

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International Association for Literary Journalism Studies / ialjs

11 May to 12 May 2017

Ghent, Belgium

emma 2017: Value Creation in Media Markets: Business Models, Clusters and Ecosystems

As contemporary media markets are marked by high velocity, disruptive innovation and tilting power structures, media businesses are pressured to abandon the dominant logic and transform the dynamics of value creation and capture that underlie their business models.
New value creation models form the context of the 2017 emma conference. The thematic focus is on the development of business models and modes of cooperation in media clusters and ecosystems.
This annual conference will be co-organized from Ghent University and Vrije University Brussels.
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European Media Management Association / emma

12 May to 13 May 2017

Zagreb, Croatia

Living in Crisis Mode: Time to Reconsider Definition, Meaning and Practice?

Communication Management Forum is the first international academic conference on integrated communications in Croatia. The conference is organised by the Edward Bernays College of Communication Management, the first higher education institution in the region specialised for communication management and public relations.

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Edward Bernays College of Communication Management

12 May to 13 May 2017

Toronto, Canada

Spiral Film and Philosophy Conference - Love and Death

One of the few North American events specifically devoted to exploring the intersections of film, media and philosophy, the Spiral Collective seeks submissions for its second annual conference, organized, this year, around the theme of “Love and Death.”

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York University

15 May to 16 May 2017

Göteborg, Sverige

FSMK-dagen och Ämneskonferensen 2017

FSMK och JMG vid Göteborghs universitet hälsar medlemmar välkomna till FSMK-dagen och Ämneskonferensen 2017.
Årets tema är Den demokratiska utmaningen .
FSMK-dagen 15 maj:
Jesper Strömbäck och Ester Pollack är huvudtalare under rubriken Den demokratiske forskaren - medieforskning, samhällsansvar och offentlig debatt
Ämneskonferensen 16 maj:
Frågan Hur lär man studenter att ta samhällsansvar? ställs och en panel av representanter från olika lärosäten diskuterar hur undervisning om etik och närliggande områden kan utvecklas i olika typer av medieutbildningar.
Evenemanget inleds med en doktorandlunch under måndagen
Mer information  på FSMK:s hemsida

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Föreningen för Svensk Medie- och Kommunikationsforskning / FSMK