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20 Sep to 21 Sep 2017

Tampere, Finland

Academic Mindtrek Conference

Academic Mindtrek is a yearly conference since 1997. The purpose of the conference is to provide a platform for academicians, researchers and professionals from the industry to put forward ideas and interpretations regarding the development of human-computer interaction, games and gamification, interactive media, journalism, theater and acting, and information society.
Academic Mindtrek is organized in cooperation with ACM SIGMM, and ACM SIGCHI.

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19 Sep to 20 Sep 2017

Aalborg, Denmark

The Future of Publicism ’17

The conference is for mainly local and regional media with a publicism background. Publishers with a purpose and legacy media with a vision to create democratic value based on quality journalism and being the watchdog and voice in local and regional societies.  The conference address the challenges of digitalisation, globalisation, social media etc. as well as the changing role of the media in democratic societies. Keynote speaker: Anne Applebaum

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15 Sep to 16 Sep 2017

Norwich, UK

The Future of Media Content: Interventions and Industries in the Internet Era

2017 Joint Workshop of the ECREA Communication Law and Policy and Media Industries and Cultural Production sections. It is hosted and organized by the University of East Anglia’s School of Politics, Philosophy, Language and Communication Studies.

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15 Sep to 16 Sep 2017

Novi Sad, Serbia

Bridges of Media Education

The 9th International Conference Bridges of Media Education 2017 is to be held in Serbia.
The themes of the conference in 2017 are: *Public media broadcasters, digitization and the Internet *Minority media, digitization and the Internet *Marginalized groups, religious groups, digital environment and the Internet *Migrants/refugees and the Internet *Social networks, online platforms and media *Digital media literacy.
Working language of the conference is English.

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Department of Media Studies, University of Novi Sad

14 Sep to 16 Sep 2017

Cologne, Germany

Anthropologies of Media and Mobility

An International Workshop organized by the Anthropology and Mobility Network and the Media Anthropology Network (EASA) in collaboration with Locating Media (Siegen) and a.r.t.e.s. Graduate School (Cologne). This international workshop seeks to theorize the relationship between media and mobility.

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The Anthropology Network, European Association of Social Anthropologists / EASA

14 Sep to 15 Sep 2017

Cardiff, UK

The Future of Journalism: Journalism in a Post-Truth Age?

The 6th biennial conference - The Future of Journalism – to be hosted by the School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies (JOMEC) at Cardiff University, UK.
Keynote speakers: John Hartley, Curtin University; Silvio Waisbord, George Washington University, and Claire Wardle (First Draft).

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Cardiff University

14 Sep to 15 Sep 2017

Porto, Portugal

Communication and Entertainment

The 15th  Conference of the Associación de Historiadores de Comunicación will be held at University of Porto. The conference is an opportunity to exchange research experiences on the proposed topics and to open up to the participation, in the field of media history.

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The Associación de Historiadores de Comunicación

13 Sep to 13 Sep 2017

Copenhagen, Denmark

Internationale aktørers påvirkning af den danske mediebranche

På konferencen vil resultaterne fra en omfattende undersøgelse, ”Globaliseringen af den danske mediebranche”, som Mandag Morgen har gennemført for Slots- og Kulturstyrelsen som led i ”Rapportering om mediernes udvikling i Danmark”, blive præsenteret og debatteret. Efter præsentationen af rapporten vil Nick Wrenn, Torry Pedersen og Anette Novak præsentere deres perspektiver og erfaringer i forlængelse af rapportens konklusioner. 

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Slots- og Kulturstyrelsen

13 Sep to 13 Sep 2017

London, United Kingdom

Viral/Global Popular Cultures and Social Media: An International Perspective

The conference will examine how social media users engage with cultural products in digital platforms. We will also be assessing how the relationship between social media and popular cultural phenomena generate different meanings and experiences.

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Communication and Media Research Institute (CAMRI)

12 Sep to 14 Sep 2017

Lublin, Poland

5th ECREA Radio Research Conference

The relation between radio and its receivers is a core around which other ones are built. Both theory and pragmatics of radio indicate that radio as a part of media system serves to cultural, educational and entertaining purposes. To trace relations between them is another challenge for radio researchers. The main topic of this ECREA Radio Research Section Conference will be Radio Relations.

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European Communication Researcher Association / ECREA

11 Sep to 12 Sep 2017

São Paulo , Brazil

Media Sustainibility, Value Creation and Public Policies

The 2017 IMMA conference will focus especially on the implications of disruption in media markets for management strategy and educational practice.

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International Media Management Academic Association / IMMAA

11 Sep to 12 Sep 2017

Sao Paulo , Brazil

IMMA2017: Media Sustainability, Value Creation and Public Policies

The conference will focus especially on the implications of disruption in media markets for management strategy and educational practice. It is organised and hosted by School of Architecture, Arts and Communication at Sao Paulo State University (Unesp), Brazil

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International Media Management Academic Association / IMMA

11 Sep to 15 Sep 2017

Perth, Australia

Digitising Early Childhood

This conference celebrates, critiques and is concerned about the activities of very young children online.
Keynote Speakers:
Sonia Livingstone, Jackie Marsh, Donell Holloway, Brian O’Neill, Lelia Green, Caroline Barrett-Pugh, Tama Leaver.

11 Sep to 12 Sep 2017

Oxford, UK

Summer School: Comparative Qualitative Research on Journalism and News Media

The program of this summer school will combine seminars led by Oxford-based researchers including Lucas Graves, Annika Sehl, and Rasmus Kleis Nielsen with workshop discussions of work-in-progress from the participants.

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The Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism

9 Sep to 10 Sep 2017

London, UK

Teenage Kicks - Global Teenage Cultures, Representations and Practices

The popular contemporary representation of a teenager is someone who stays in their bedroom with their tablet and phone, only venturing out for sustenance. The purpose of this conference is to interrogate popular representations, cultures and sub-cultures, and practices of teenagers on a global level.
Keynote Speaker: Dr Kate E. Taylor-Jones, School of East Asian Studies, Sheffield University

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Kingston University London

8 Sep to 8 Sep 2017

Liverpool, UK

Provincial Newspapers: Lessons from History

Papers are invited for a one-day conference on the theme of provincial, regional and local newspapers. The conference is being jointly organised by media historians from Coventry University and Liverpool John Moores University.
Paper proposals from all eras and nationalities, shedding new light on longstanding or recent media historical topics are welcome.

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Journalism Department, Liverpool John Moores University

7 Sep to 8 Sep 2017

Pamplona, Spain

Political Communication in Uncertain Times

Digital Technologies, Citizen Participation and Open Governance. 
The purpose of this conference is to consider the state of media and communications research in a political period marked by a variety of events that take place within an uncertain context. The conference theme focuses on the intersection between the role of political communication and digital technologies, both understood as potential pillars that may enhance democracy in a communication context characterised by continuous crises and their transnational consequences. 


7 Sep to 9 Sep 2017

Budapest, Hungary

ECREA – Communication history workshop

For this workshop the ECREA Communication History Section invites scholarly presentations to shed light on questions of inclusion/exclusion, minorities/ majorities and centre/periphery in media and communication history.

6 Sep to 6 Sep 2017

Oslo, Norway

Innspillsseminar om kulturforskning

Hvordan kan kulturforskning bidra i regjeringens langtidsplan for forskning og høyere utdanning? Hva er kulturforskningens muligheter for internasjonalt samarbeid? kl. 10.00-13.00, Filmens Hus, Oslo. 

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6 Sep to 7 Sep 2017

London, UK

British Cinema in the 1960s: Histories and Legacies

This two-day conference, organised as part of the AHRC-funded project ‘Transformation and Tradition in British Cinema of the 1960s: Industry, Creativity, and National Branding’ run by the Universities of York and East Anglia, provides a space for exploring one of the most dynamic decades of British cinema history.