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24 Apr to 24 Apr 2017

Trollhättan, Sverige

Digitalt gränslöst

Många mindre företag och organisationer, på båda sidor om gränsen, måste anta nya digitala utmaningar för att inte riskera att slås ut.
I detta seminarium deltar forskare, politiker och företag, bland andra Thomas Winman, Högskolan Väst; Kristina Lindh, Høgskolen i Østfold, Kristina Jonäng, Regionstyrelsen Västra Götalandsregionen och Tore Berntsen, MarkedsPartner AS, Sarpsborg.

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Norsk-Svenska Handelskammaren och Högskolan Väst

21 Apr to 21 Apr 2017

London, UK

Mapping Cultural Policy in the Arab Region

This 12th international conference aims to bring together academics, artists, policymakers, activists and civil society groups to discuss the role of ‘culture’ and ‘cultural policy’ in the Arab region within a context that takes into account the recent historical and political events that are reshaping the region’s societies, economies and culture industries.

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The Arab Media Centre, University of Westminster

20 Apr to 22 Apr 2017

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


The 3rd World conference on Media and Mass Communication - MEDCOM 2017- will be held in Kuala Lumpur.
The conference theme is Information, Persuasion, Relationships, and Power: The Many Functions of Media.

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20 Apr to 20 Apr 2017

Istanbul, Turkey

III. International New Media Conference

Istanbul Gelişim University aims to set light to theoretical and practical advancements in new media by conferences it has been organized since 2015. The global theme of our third and interdisciplinary new media conference this year is Entrepreneurship and Innovation in New Media Ecosystem.

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Istanbul Gelişim University

20 Apr to 21 Apr 2017

Boston, USA

Streaming, Binge-Watching & Second Screening: Online Social Television in Perspective

The Division of Emerging Media Studies at Boston University is hosting a two-day conference to address the most pressing issues related to streaming television, binge-watching and television's growing intersection with social media.

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Boston University

20 Apr to 20 Apr 2017

Stockholm, Sverige

Hur mår Europas medier?

I detta seminarium presenterar Institutet för mediestudier EU-projektet Media Pluralism Monitors senaste resultat i samarbete med European University Institute.
Media Pluralism Monitor är en undersökning av mediernas situation i alla EU-länder, och några andra länder därtill. Det bygger på att experter, oftast medieforskare, klassar situationen i sitt land utifrån en mängd frågor.
Medverkande bland andra: Anette Novak och Alina Östling.

Seminariet den 20 april är tyvärr inställt. European University Institute kan inte garantera att rapporten hinner bli klar.

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Institutet för mediestudier

20 Apr to 21 Apr 2017

Lillehammer, Norway

Researching Media Companies Producing Audio-visual Content

This conference will explore how media scholarship might engage with and conceptionalize, film and TV production companies. The conference aims to analyse questions of working routines, profiles and strategies of individual companies; business relationships and contexts; and theoretical issues or methodological approaches related to studies of production companies.

Confirmed keynote speakers: Professor Amanda Lotz, University of Michigan, USA and Associate Professor Olof Hedling, University of Lund, Sweden.

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Lillehammer University College

19 Apr to 21 Apr 2017

Tel Aviv, Israel

The Future of Old Media

The Dan Department of Communication at Tel Aviv University is organizing the 2nd Tel Aviv Communication Conference. How the old media reinvent themselves in the digital age.
Confirmed keynote speakers: Julia Cage, SciencesPo, Paris; James Curran, Goldsmiths College; John B. Thompson, University of Cambridge;  Lance Holbert, Temple University.

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Tel Aviv University

19 Apr to 19 Apr 2017

Tallinn, Estonia

Gender and Sexualities in (post)Soviet/ (post)Socialist Music, Theater and Visual Arts

This international, interdisciplinary seminar, hosted by the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre and GSCSA, will seek to explore performativity and representations of gender and sexuality in music, theatre and visual arts before and after the fall of Iron Curtain but also in (post)Socialist area in general.

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Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre

14 Apr to 15 Apr 2017

Amman, Jordan

ISRC2017: Trends in Journalism, Communication and Media Studies

ISRC2017 is dedicated to quality in Journalism, Communication and Media Studies. Presenting at the conference requires your abstract to pass a blind peer-review process. Your presentation will be confirmed upon payment of registration fees. ISRC is manged and organized by Rafale International for Education, Training and Scientific Research (RIETS). The 2017 theme is: The Latest International Trends in Journalism, Communication and Media Studies.

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The International Scientific Research Conference / ISRC

11 Apr to 13 Apr 2017

St.Petersburg, Russia

Comparative Media Studies in Today’s World

The conference aims to gather scholars interested in comparative media studies, research on media and democratic development, and adjacent fields to discuss the today’s media transformations. The theme for this 5th international conference is Media Transformations in Times of Technological Boom and Political Polarization.
Preliminary keynote speakers: Silvio Waisbord, USA; Katrin Voltmer, UK; Vaclav Stetka, Czech Republic – UK; Elena Vartanova, Russia.

11 Apr to 11 Apr 2017

Norwich, UK

The Evolving Landscape of Entertainment TV in China: A 20-Year Review

2017 marks the 20th year of the popularisation of entertainment TV in China. This conference aims to offer a platform for researchers in media and cultural studies to share insights about the history and future of entertainment TV in China and foster research networks.

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UK-China Media and Cultural Studies Association

11 Apr to 11 Apr 2017

Reading, UK

Journeys Across Media (JAM) 2017

The JAM 2017 postgraduate conference will take place at the University of Reading with the theme of worldhood and world-making in film, theatre and television. The conference invites investigation from both researchers and practitioners into the malleable concept of worldhood in works of film, theatre, television and other appropriate art forms.

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Department of Film, Theatre and Television, University of Reading

10 Apr to 10 Apr 2017

Leicester, UK

Women in the Media Industries: Inputs & Influences

This event focuses on women working in the media industries and how their inputs influence production processes and outputs – what we see on our screens and how they are made.

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De Montfort University

6 Apr to 8 Apr 2017

Eugene, OR, USA

Lifestyles • Lifeworlds • Lifeworks: What is Life?

The 7th annual “What is...?” conference-experience investigates, imagines, and enacts everyday lifestyles and lifeworks by emphasizing the lifeworlds we inhabit. The aim is to build bridges through multidisciplinary networks along with discovering how communication is instrumental in and for living systems.
For further information contact Janet Wasko.

For more information:

School of Journalism and Communication • University of Oregon

6 Apr to 6 Apr 2017

Vara, Sverige

Bibliotopia 2017

Den årliga konferensen Bibliotopia är en mötesplats för alla som har intresse av biblioteksutveckling. Bibliotopia har som syfte att diskutera bibliotekens framtida möjligheter och utmaningar. 
2017 kommer Bibliotopia att genomföras i Vara på Konserthuset.

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Kultur i Väst

5 Apr to 7 Apr 2017

Popular Culture, Tourism, and Belonging

This conference brings together these disparate threads and explores the ways in which popular culture and tourism interact in the contemporary media age.
Keynote speakers: David Morley, David Crouch, Marie-Laure Ryan.

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Erasmus University Rotterdam

4 Apr to 4 Apr 2017

London, UK

The Commonwealth and Challenges to Media Freedom

This conference will draw together members of the Commonwealth Journalists Association, the Commonwealth Lawyers and Magistrates and Judges Association, as well as journalists and policy makers. The two day meeting will address government channels and information flows and the particular challenges facing journalists, bloggers and social media in low-intensity conflict zones.

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The Institute of Commonwealth Studies at the School of Advanced Study>

3 Apr to 7 Apr 2017

Lisbon, Portugal

Spring School: Media, Culture and Power. European Cultural Perspectives

Media, culture and the dynamics of power are central to media and communication research. Understanding the various ways to research power across media structures and processes is crucial.
This spring school 2017 will thematise the different forms of power during an intense week, combining a mixture of lectures and seminars from leading researchers in the field, with student presentations of ongoing research. Lecturers will include Annette Hill, Eduardo Cintra Torres, Göran Bolin , Rita Figueiras, Sofia Johansson, Stina Bengtsson and Tina Askenius

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Universidade Católica Portuguesa

3 Apr to 4 Apr 2017

Nicosia, Cyprus

The Right of Freedom of Expression in the Digital Age

The Mass Media Institute, the Department of Communications of the University of Nicosia and the Cyprus Radiotelevision Authority,  invite submissions to the   2nd International Conference on the Right of Freedom of Expression  in the Digital Age 
Keynote Speaker: Professor Petros Iosifidis, City, University of London, UK.

For more information:

University of Nicosia