Here you will find lists of upcoming conferences in the field of media and communication research.

Please contact Karin Poulsen with details of current conferences in the field of media and communication.

23 Mar to 24 Mar 2017

Odense, undefined

ECREA 2017: Journalism Studies Section

The purpose of the Journalism Studies Section of ECREA is to support academic research that deepens understanding of the cultural, political, economic, social and professional aspects of journalism. Its main objective is to promote research on occupational, regulatory, ethical, technological, political, commercial, cultural and educational factors in journalism.

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ECREA and Centre for Journalism, University of Southern Denmark

24 Mar to 25 Mar 2017

Warsaw, Poland

Art of Communication

The conference will bring together scholars from different fields including philosophy, psychology, sociology, anthropology, history, literature, linguistics, architecture, geography and others.
Keynote speaker: Prof. Aniela Korzeniowska, University of Warsaw.

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Interdisciplinary Research Foundation

24 Mar to 27 Mar 2017

Florens, Italy

Competition, Regulation and Freedom of Expression in Digital Market

The FSR C&M, CMPF and ENTraNCE Annual Scientific Seminar brings together scholars in the fields of economics and law, as well as practitioners, to consider frontier research in electronic communications, internet and media  with a goal of fostering research ideas and informing policy.

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Centre for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom

27 Mar to 28 Mar 2017

London, UK

Dark Futures? Media and Movements in the Age of Post-Truth Politics

This is the last seminar of the ESRC Series Social Movements and Media Technologies and will focus on the challenges faced by progressive social movements and media activists in the wake of the new wave of right-wing populism in Europe and the U.S. and the rise of ‘post-truth’ politics.
This is a free event and open to all, but spaces are limited.

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Goldsmiths, University of London

28 Mar to 28 Mar 2017

Malmö, Sverige

ReadMe 2017: Tema Utanförskap

För fjärde året i rad arrangeras README,  konferensen för dig som jobbar inom skola, bibliotek, bok- och mediebransch eller forskning. README är en  samhällskonferens som varje år samlar 400 personer – men också en mötesplats mellan engagerade människor där nya projekt föds. Tema för README 2017 är utanförskap.

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28 Mar to 28 Mar 2017

Queens, NY, USA

Consumer Identities and Digital Culture

This symposium is the first in a planned series of events interrogating various aspects of consumer identity, using fans as one exemplar and catalyst for discussion.

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St. John's University

29 Mar to 30 Mar 2017

Göteborg, Sverige

Skolbibliotek 2017

Konferensen berör bland annat läsförståelse, källkritik, skolbibliotekens roll i den digitaliserade skolan, yttrande- och tryckfrihetslagen.
Deltar gör bland andra Ola Sigvardsson, Allmänhetens Pressombudsman; Mary Ingemansson, lektor i svenska med inriktning litteraturvetenskap vid Högskolan Kristianstad; Michael Tengberg är docent i pedagogiskt arbete vid Karlstads universitet; Håkan Fleischer, universitetslektor i pedagogik vid Linnéuniversitetet.

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30 Mar to 2 Apr 2017

Kobe, Japan

The Asian Conference on Arts & Humanities

This conference addresses issues of writing history from literary and other discursive perspectives. That is to say: novels, plays, poems, autobiographies, memoirs, diaries, travel logs and a variety of styles of essay.

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The International Academic Forum / IAFOR

30 Mar to 1 Apr 2017

Twin City, USA

Remapping European Media Cultures during the Cold War: Networks, Encounters, Exchanges

This symposium aims to systematically examine European media during the Cold War in terms of such /histoires croisées/, tracing the transnational encounters between Eastern and Western European media industries and cultures between 1945 and 1990.
Submissions — including a 300-word abstract and short contributor bio — should be sent by November 15 to; queries may also be sent to this address.

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30 Mar to 31 Mar 2017

Edinburgh, UK

Edinburgh International Film Audience Conference

The Edinburgh International Film Audience Conference is a biannual event which showcases empirical research on the audiences of film and other screen media.  

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The Edinburgh International Film Audience Conference

30 Mar to 1 Apr 2017

Aarhus, Danmark

CounterPlay '17: The Power of Play

CounterPlay ’17 invite you to submit proposals that explore the power of play across different areas in society, from practice as well as research, from private companies to open public arenas and cultural institutions, from kindergarten to universities, from places of work to places of leisure. In essence, everywhere people work, learn and live are possible spaces for play, and we want to investigate what it means and how it might unfold.

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31 Mar to 1 Apr 2017

Istanbul, Turkey

Meda and Communication'17

The event will be held together along with DESIGN STUDIES '17 / Interdisciplinary Conference on Design Studies, Fields and Methods, ADVERTISING '17 / International Conference on Advertising Studies and MARKETING '17 / International Conference on Marketing Studies. Participants will be able to attend any of the sessions of these conferences.

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31 Mar to 1 Apr 2017

Manchester, UK

Contemporary Spanish Screen Media and Responses to Crisis and Aftermath

This conference will explore the diverse ways in which Spanish screen media has responded to the recent economic crises.

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University of Manchester

2 Apr to 2 Apr 2017

The 2017 Israel Communication Association Conference

The Israel Communication Association will hold its 21st Annual Conference at Sapir Academic College.
Scholars and graduate students from around the world are invited to participate. Proposals for papers or panels may be submitted in the following tracks: (1) individual papers, empirical or theoretical (2) thematic panels (3) roundtables (4) new books. ISCA also invites applications for the following awards: Best Book, Best Paper, Best Student Paper.

For more information:

The Israel Communication Association / ISCA

3 Apr to 4 Apr 2017

Nicosia, Cyprus

The Right of Freedom of Expression in the Digital Age

The Mass Media Institute, the Department of Communications of the University of Nicosia and the Cyprus Radiotelevision Authority,  invite submissions to the   2nd International Conference on the Right of Freedom of Expression  in the Digital Age 
Keynote Speaker: Professor Petros Iosifidis, City, University of London, UK.

For more information:

University of Nicosia

3 Apr to 7 Apr 2017

Lisbon, Portugal

Media, Culture and Power

Media, culture and the dynamics of power are central to media and communication research. Understanding the various ways to research power across media structures and processes is crucial.
This spring school 2017 will thematise the different forms of power during an intense week, combining a mixture of lectures and seminars from leading researchers in the field, with student presentations of ongoing research. Lecturers will include Professors Annette Hill, Göran Bolin and Rita Figueiras.

For more information:

Universidade Católica Portuguesa

4 Apr to 4 Apr 2017

London, UK

The Commonwealth and Challenges to Media Freedom

This conference will draw together members of the Commonwealth Journalists Association, the Commonwealth Lawyers and Magistrates and Judges Association, as well as journalists and policy makers. The two day meeting will address government channels and information flows and the particular challenges facing journalists, bloggers and social media in low-intensity conflict zones.

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The Institute of Commonwealth Studies at the School of Advanced Study>

5 Apr to 7 Apr 2017

Popular Culture, Tourism, and Belonging

This conference brings together these disparate threads and explores the ways in which popular culture and tourism interact in the contemporary media age.
Keynote speakers: David Morley, David Crouch, Marie-Laure Ryan.

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Erasmus University Rotterdam

6 Apr to 6 Apr 2017

Vara, Sverige

Bibliotopia 2017

Den årliga konferensen Bibliotopia är en mötesplats för alla som har intresse av biblioteksutveckling. Bibliotopia har som syfte att diskutera bibliotekens framtida möjligheter och utmaningar. 
2017 kommer Bibliotopia att genomföras i Vara på Konserthuset.

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Kultur i Väst

6 Apr to 8 Apr 2017

Eugene, OR, USA

Lifestyles • Lifeworlds • Lifeworks: What is Life?

The 7th annual “What is...?” conference-experience investigates, imagines, and enacts everyday lifestyles and lifeworks by emphasizing the lifeworlds we inhabit. The aim is to build bridges through multidisciplinary networks along with discovering how communication is instrumental in and for living systems.
For further information contact Janet Wasko.

For more information:

School of Journalism and Communication • University of Oregon