The Clearinghouse network

One central idea behind the Clearinghouse’s activities is the establishment of an active global network. The Clearinghouse strives to be user-oriented, meaning that the information provided should be in demand by and adapted to users. The network is intended to be a forum where all aspects of the relationships between children, young people and media can be penetrated, and information and knowledge on the topic can be exchanged. The Clearinghouse web site, particularly the news section, is to be seen as a channel for information about activities within the network. Greater knowledge, it is hoped, will contribute to more effective policies and practices worldwide in order to enhance children’s and young people’s media competence. Information about other projects and initiatives may also inspire new activities or cooperations.

Today there are approximately 900 participants representing a number of different users – members of the research community, media professionals, politics, government authorities, voluntary organizations and other interested individuals. Over 100 countries from all continents are represented in the network.

How to Join the Clearinghouse network

The value of the Clearinghouse rests in its breadth of coverage and the commitment of the participants in its network. In short: the more who contribute and the more relevant information we gather, the better our services. As a participant, you will receive our yearbook and information about other publications. All publications (mainly in English) include contributions by other network participants from all parts of the globe. Membership in the network is free of charge.

The information we seek in return can include, for example, recent or current research relating to children, young people and media; data on young people’s media access and use; or research and practices regarding media education and young people’s participation in the media. Measures, activities and research concerning their media environment (such as content analyses or facts about the development of children’s media) as well as global, regional and national agreements and regulations relating to the field are also of interest.

To participate in the Clearinghouse network, please send an e-mail stating your full name and postal address. A short presentation of your organizational affiliation and a link to the organization’s web site are also appreciated.